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A rock goddess' song for the angels

I write this short song as a farewell gift to rock goddess Anabel as she begins her journey to the spirit world. The angels are all eager to meet their lead singer who would spread the word of love and pain which only humans feel.

Staring out the window and waiting for the sun to rise
I puff my last cigar and drink my last shot of rhum
Another day, another life to live

Waking up with bloodshot eyes and dry throat
I try to sober up myself before i kiss my kid
Another day, another life to live

I grab my guitar and start singing my song
Letting my soul free, screaming my heart
Another day, another life to live

I see familiar faces in different places
All admiring me and my tattooed body
Another day, another life to live

This goes on and on, losing and loving
I never saw the beauty in it
Not until now that i face a new life to live

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