Saturday, March 24, 2012

Having a Sweet Life at Discovery Suites

Having a vacation can be stressful at times ...the hassle of packing things, traveling far, traffic and unpacking. That's why more people choose to spend their weekends at the hotel which is more convenient and stress-free. There are lots of online discount deals now giving up to 50% off on hotel room rates, which means that the market for that is increasing. If I got the moolah then I would definitely get a voucher because hotel life is really sweet! My sister invited me, my kid and mom at Discovery Suites because she got a free overnight stay there. Maybe  this was a freebie from booking a 3-bedroom suite and 2-bedroom suite for my niece's debut last year. Discovery Suite has a great location being situated right in the heart of Ortigas Center. Just across Podium Mall and ADB. St. Francis Square, Robinsons Galleria and SM Megamall are just a few steps away from the hotel. So if you get bored, there are lots of things you can do nearby like shop, watch a movie, play billiards, bowling, etc. 
My sis was supposed to stay in a 2-bedroom suite, but was lucky to get an upgrade to a  3-bedroom suite...isn't that SWEET?
There is a room with a queen-size bed, a room with a single bed and a room with two beds. 
The master bedroom have its own bathroom while the single and two-bed rooms share a bathroom.
There is no bathtub in the shared bathroom which sucks because my kid hate using the shower...LOL. Anyone would feel at home in this suite because it has its own dining area, a kitchen with refrigerator, coffeemaker and microwave, a living room and even a small work desk. There's FREE Wi-Fi too!
Oh yes! Enjoy the view from the room...
And the highlight of our short but sweet stay there is the swimming area which has a freezing cold pool and a warm jacuzzi.
Since there is no kiddie pool, most of the kids stay at the jacuzzi plus the water there is warm unlike the big pool...It was just funny seeing a huge muscular guy dip in the small jacuzzi with those kids...he gets splattered with water all over his face..LOL! 
I hope they give big discounts at Discovery Suites soon! Calling all discount deals websites.
For more info about this hotel, please check their website:

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Have a piece of heaven Karl Roy!

After celebrating my kid's 4th birthday yesterday and being thankful for his health unlike the freak accident he encountered last year on his 3rd birthday, I woke up and was shocked to find out that Karl Roy has passed away.
It was really hard to believe that he is gone... but knowing his health condition, there is a possibility that a heart problem could occur again. He has cheated death years ago by undergoing a heart surgery and now God might have said to Karl that  "your extension in life is long overdue". "It is time to have a piece of heaven". Some may have felt that he has turned his back on us...his fans...the music world...
but he is actually heading another road...and that is the after life...
don't worry because he has left a gift for all of us...and that is his voice...his music...his kindred spirit. He would always be watching over us..."hey karl! not all the time ok?" LOL
He was the voice of three great bands: Advent Call, Kapatid and my personal fave P.O.T. I have watched most of their shows when I was younger, but too bad I did not have pics of those moments...being dazed (or the S word) most of the time. He have given a glimpse of his life through his webcam-almost-daily-pics at Facebook...which was so funny...his transparency made him show who he really is to all kinds of people. Wake up Karl!
All the people I know who have met Karl Roy (may they be real friends or just acquaintances) have nothing bad to say about this person. He talks to everyone, never gets into a fight, always laid back and just basically nice. I am not a rockstar but I got a bad temper and sometimes a not-so-nice please Karl, if you can hear me...teach me how to be more like you. 

I really love the song "Piece of This" because it hit me hard and it hit me double hard this time when I watched the video knowing Karl had passed away. I hate crying but the tears just poured down and after that I felt liberated knowing the tears I gave are worth it.

You have done a great job in this world and I wish I can also be remembered for something fruitful. For now, just chill and enjoy heaven...say hello to Annabel and Noel  :)