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Birthday Blues at Super Bowl of China

I usually get that dreaded birthday blues every year, but that feeling starts to fade the moment I see my friends...drinking, laughing and having fun! I also spend my birthdays with my family...treating them out to a special dinner so I make sure that I choose a good restaurant for us. I was not able to make any plans this year because of an unexpected incident that occurred just a few days before my birthday. I still tried my best to celebrate my "supposedly special day" by watching a movie with my friend...then dinner with my mom and son. My friend told me that the food at  Super Bowl of China is good and affordable too so I decided to give it a try. It is located at the 2nd floor of Trinoma near the entrance and fountain area. We were lucky that day because there was a "light and sounds" show that night at the fountain area. The waiter was friendly and the place looked nice, but the smoke coming from the cooking area bothered me a lot because the fan beside me v…