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Jonas: Pasosyal Na Pares

Answering a "college entry"-like exam as part of a job application was quite draining so I wanted to treat myself to a satisfying meal after that. I met up with my friend at Robinson's Pioneer and checked out the restaurants in that area. When I saw Jonas Pares, I remembered what my niece told me "masarap daw dyan" (with so much excitement in her voice). That was enough to convince me so I gave it a try and see why people are crazy about this restaurant.
It was like a "carinderia"-style resto because you have other choices of dishes laid in front of you. Since Jonas is famous for its pares, then I MUST give that dish a try. 
I was quite shocked when I saw the price of the Beef Pares. Is it really worth P124???
If it was this expensive, then I really hope they are damn good. The meal included rice and soup. The big bowl was  only half filled up with beef pares and there are not even spring onions sprinkled on it. The meat which included fat and litid part…

Ersao Looks Cute But There's Nothing Cute About Its Food

Since me and my friend have eaten at almost all the restaurants in Wilcon City Center (Visayas Avenue), we decided to try something new. Ersao restaurant located on the ground floor has a really cute design and I saw its wide selection of milk teas and shakes so we decided to give it a try. 

They have condiments area placed near the counter, but I was not able to try any of them because my kid does not like spices. I was also lazy to go to the I just settled with the chili sauce and soy sauce.
I ordered Beef Topping which was worth P130. I asked the order taker if their beef was really tender because my kid can't chew that well and she said yes...but I was disappointed because it was not that tender and the taste was also bland...I could make better beef stews than this. 
My friend and I shared the Adobong Tofu (P45), Steamed Dumplings (P50) and Pork Chao Fan (P110). 
If they think that adding chopped spring onions on the fried tofu would make it look special, then they a…

Take Two on Bacolod Chicken Inasal

This was my second time to visit Bacolod Chicken Inasal this year because of the voucher I bought online. My first was at the Trinoma branch and the second was at the Quezon City Circle. We went there Friday night because that was the last day of using the voucher. After several stressful day, this was the best day to end a weekday...a relaxing stroll at the park, satisfying dinner and watching the mesmerizing colorful fountain. I live near QC Circle, but I really don't go to that place much...maybe I should start making that as a habit.
Bacolod Chicken Inasal can be seen in this circular strip of restaurants beside Tropical Hut.
The restaurant is spacious and even has a second floor for private dinners and functions. I really hate dining in restaurants where you get bumped all the time by other diners or have a hard time passing by because the tables and seats are close to each other.The festive decors highlight the Philippine culture. 

As usual we ordered our all-time favorite Pet…

F.I.S.H. Is More Than Just A Seafood Restaurant

F.I.S.H. which stands for Fiesta Island Seafood Hub is more than just your typical seafood restaurant because first of all, it does not only serve seafood dishes, but also offers all sorts of Filipino cuisine and even has sashimi and baked oysters. This restaurant is also a perfect place to hold your personal events and company gatherings having KTV rooms and function spaces.
My friend invited me over to F.I.S.H. for dinner because her voucher was about to expire that day. It was my first time to visit that place because the last time I went there it was a different restaurant so I was quite impressed with the changes. F.I.S.H. is located along Visayas Avenue corner Congressional Avenue and it was easy getting there because I live nearby.  
There was a separate area for regular diners which is air-conditioned and have cable TV. I like the interiors because it gives that homegrown feel using native decors.

And of course there are fish decorated all over the restaurant and aquariums at th…