Friday, March 21, 2014

All Iz Good at 7107 IMF: Day 2

After a night of EDM and hiphop music, the next day of the 7107 IMF was expected to have a different crowd. This is my chance to bump into people my age unlike Day 1 where I felt like a wannabe teeny-bopper. haha! I can't even keep up with all the non-stop dancing and drinking like I used to during my techno rave days in Malate and Makati.

We got to the venue around 2:30 pm and the front area of the stage was already crammed with people. There goes my chance of getting up close with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But I still got my hopes high...even if the chances of meeting them were really slim.

So we settled in the middle part, which we called our home base cos that's were we meet when we get tired of roaming around. 
Since the only bands that I was interested in watching at 7107 IMF that night were Empire of the Sun and RHCP, I ended up hanging out with some of my pals who I haven't seen for years. 
Finally! Some people I can relate to...and they luckily got their tickets for free...if not..they won't be there. Well, I'm happy for them (cough, cough...bitter!
The sun was still up, and as you can see the place is already packed with people. It was a huge task (especially during night time) to get back to our home base when you're intoxicated and hoping not to step on anyone's face.
Well enough of the chitchat! I'll start sharing some photos of the bands that performed that night. Let me begin with local band Radioactive Sago Project. For me, they are one of the most talented bands in the country. Well, I used to watch them a lot cos I was an official tambay at U.P. College of Music where most of the band members studied. One thing I can say about their music..."galing!" 
Some people think that Sago should be at the Sun Stage because they deserve to be there instead of other local acts...and I totally agree with them. However, if the band played at the other stage then I won't be able to enjoy their set because it was crowded unlike the other side where it was more chill!
It sucks going back to the Sun Stage because of the massive crowd so I just relaxed first at the home base and drank some more beer. When I saw The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I thought Axl Rose was resurrected. Can you see the resemblance? How I wish it was Guns N' Roses playing at that time.
People started to inch closer when Kendrick Lamar got on stage. It's a sign that I'm already old when I start asking questions like "Kendrick who?" When in fact, he is a famous hip-hop artist and my nephew really digs him. 

The younger crowd started to vanish after his set, but a different crowd replaced it. I tried to penetrate (does it sound off? LOL) towards the front stage to watch Empire of the Sun, but some people are giving me the cold stares. What sucks is that I can't dance to their music because it was really crowded so I had to get away from the crowd and settle for the huge screen. Some people in front are just there to take photos/videos. I can't understand why you go near if you don't appreciate nor react to the music?
I'm glad my niece's friend was able to take good photos of Empire.

Next up was the Red Hot Chili Peppers!!! I started to look for a good area where I can watch and still have space to dance. I decided to stay at the left side of the front of the huge speakers. I was beside the barricade and was glad that no one tried to squeeze me. I was joined by my old (not literally) friends, which made the concert more fun! THIS IS IT! My dream was finally coming true!
The moment Chad, Flea, Josh, and Anthony came out, I started screaming, singing, and banging my head! I wasn't able to take any photos not only because I have a crappy camphone, but I also wanted to enjoy their music. So here are some pictures from Loyva and Sienna.

For those who missed the concert, here are some clips of the RHCP performance at 7107 IMF courtesy of my niece Inka. Also check out Chad's drum solo and Flea's handstand.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers really lived up to my expectations! The two-day music festival ended with an amazing fireworks display to match the amazing performance of the RHCP. The place looked like a battlefield after a two day music war. Look at all that mess!
I can't believe that one of my dreams finally came true...thanks to my sister and her hubby...and of course to the 7107 IMF peeps for bringing my favorite band here. As I remove my bracelet, I felt a bit depressed knowing that my dream was over.
I'm sure I wasn't the only one who felt this way. But instead of feeling sad, I force myself to look forward to next year's music festival...hoping that it will be bigger...better...and cheaper tickets (or maybe even free) :)
Who do you want to see perform in the next 7107 IMF?

Friday, March 7, 2014

All Iz Good at 7107 IMF: Day 1

I admit I was one of those who doubted the capability of the 7107 International Music Festival organizers to pull off a successful show because of many reasons - dubious ticketing (we are used to buying them at the mall or the concert venue), mystery list of performers (they haven't really completed the lineup not until a month before the festival), and rumoredly funded by the Napoles (the mastermind of the PDAF scam). 

Despite all the negative feedbacks that I've read online, I still forced myself to believe everything's gonna be fine because I don't want to waste my hard-earned money on a flopped festival. I was glad that I got the tickets on discount last Christmas plus I wouldn't have to worry about the ride and accommodation. My sister and her family already bought tickets so there's no turning back. 

A week before the concert, I was torn between selling my ticket or not because I just resigned from my job (mainly bcoz of the a**hole gaptooth Brit). Sorry for cursing, but I did pray to God to help me decide what to do. I really wanted to go, but I felt guilty at the same time. I asked around who wanted to buy, but there have already been many scalpers posting online that they are selling their tickets at a much cheaper price. Since no one bought my ticket, then all I have to do is enjoy the 2-day music galore! 

We arrived at Lewis Grand Hotel in Clark around 2pm and the pool was already inviting me to take a dip, but I didn't give in that easily (hihi!). I waited until the 2-day festival ended before I relaxed in the pool. The hotel was spacious and modern plus the staff were all nice too, so I totally recommend this place.

Since the first day of the 7107 International Music Festival has already started, we tried to eat our late lunch fast. I've heard that the beer at the venue will be costly so I decided to have a bottle of Tanduay Ice before we go there. We tried to hurry up so we can still catch The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.  Of course, we had some photo ops first at the gate of the venue and mine was taken a bit too far...PHOTO FAIL!
They checked our bags and asked me to throw the water in my small tumbler. Damn! They said we can bring jugs with water, but they said they changed the policy that same day. Do you know how much the water costs? A regular-sized bottle is P80! People can die of dehydration in there! It could have been better if they have at least set up water fountains or drinking stations. I was forced to buy beer, which was worth P120 per can, instead of water since that won't give me a buzz. Anyways, the moment the alcohol slid into my throat, I started to relax and enjoy the vibe around me since it's all pure music.
When we got inside, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour was already playing so I rushed near the stage...not even noticing that DJ Reid Stefan was in front of me. Can you spot where he is? (like Where's Waldo? LOL)
Too bad the set of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour was about to end, but their music surely was a good way to start the festival for us latecomers. 
There were two stages that was set up inside the huge venue. We called it the Carabao stage cos of the bull horns and the Sun stage cos it has the rays of the sun.

Most of the main acts performed at the Sun stage while the Carabao stage was for the local acts. However, some local artists were also seen performing at the Sun stage like UP Dharma Down and Rocksteddy. 

7107 IMF Day 1: EDM meets Hiphop

If I make a review of each musician or band that played that day, it will take a loooong time, so I will just let the photos and videos tell the story. I would like to thank my niece Inka and her friend Sienna for some of the clear photos. My phone sucks! LOL

Kid Ink

DJ Riddler

DJ Reid Stefan 

DJ Alvaro



The night ended with Kaskade's Eyes and our eyes really popped out when the fireworks started to explode as he performed the song...AWESOME! 

To add icing to a superb night since everyone was just chill...not crowded...and had room to dance in front...was getting photo ops with DJ Riddler, DJ Reid and DJ Alvaro

Oh yeah! Kaskade may not have bothered interacting with the crowd, but his road manager gave out shirts to the lucky few...including ME :)
Writing this and remembering what happened that night puts a smile on my face. I will post the 2nd Day of 7107 IMF when I find another time to write...hopefully soon.