Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A taste of heaven!

We were bored at work one time and what better way to kill time than eat right? This is the fave hobby of any Filipino. We have been known all over the world to have several meals. Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Merienda, Dinner, Midnight Snack and there are other people who still have in between each meal. You can see a lot of food carts everywhere and small stands to satisfy our hunger and cravings. I was craving for something sweet like ice cream but my friend told me that I should try this frozen yogurt in White Hat. I said "Why not?". We were lucky because they recently opened a branch in Wilson so it was just a walk away from our office.

I have to admit the price is not that cheap but the question is it worth it? I ordered a regular size since I was just going to try it out then I chose cheesecake and blueberry for the toppings. The first bite was like heaven. All you can hear from me was mmm and see a smile on my face. My friend laughed at me and said "I told you so!". I tried frozen yogurt before but didn't really like it, but this was different. It tastes like real ice cream but what's good about this is that it is healthy. I can have cups and cups of this and not worry about my health. My choice was perfect since I love cheesecake and mixed with yogurt and fresh blueberries made my taste buds jump for joy. I can't wait to go back there and try a new combination. Maybe next payday J