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Battle of the Groceries!

We all seek for the best grocery or supermarket here in the Philippines that's why I decided to make a comparison of some of the country's top supermarkets which are Puregold, Savemore, Landmark, Robinsons and Cherry. Being a mystery shopper has made me criticize unknowingly each of these grocery stores. I don't know if that habit is good or bad but I hope this would help you choose the best one and enjoy a hassle free shopping.

Here are the pros and cons for each supermarket:


1. I am glad they finally removed the big willie revillame standee in front of the branch i go to because I am not really a fan of him.
2. The price is reasonable and it is a little less than robinsons
3. The service crew and staff are friendly and doing their hourly dance which is amusing specially for the kids.
4. They have fresh veggies, fruits and meat which you can buy per piece.
5. The place is clean and well lighted
6. They have a lot of counters so you can avoid waiting in line.