Friday, June 1, 2012

MyHealth Clinic Takes Care of My Health

Getting sick is a real pain in the *** but to wait for a long queue in discomfort and end up with a list of expensive medicines to  buy would definitely make anyone feel more sick! I was glad I have a health card from work so that lessens my worry about the check up and laboratory expenses. I usually go to Medical City Clinic in Trinoma and Waltermart for the check-up but my experience there was not really that good especially in Waltermart, Munoz. The nurses there and attendants seem so laid back (which is a better term for being lazy) and busy chatting with each other. I waited for a long time (around 30 min.) just to have my Maxicare approved and after that I went to the nurse's station to give my papers but the girl was busy on her phone so the guy beside her placed my paper on her table and told me to wait for my name to be called. So I waited for my name to be called and it was almost an hour. I was really wondering why it would take that long just to have my blood extracted and get an X-ray so I went up to her and asked her how long do I have to wait and then she told me I can go now. WTF! There was no line for those process! She totally forgot about it and slipped my paper inside her desk while she was busy on the phone and chatting with her colleagues. I was not really excited for my follow-up check-up and I was not convinced about the doctor who looked at me so I decided to check out MyHealth Clinic at SM North EDSA to see if they have a specialist on a Saturday and I was lucky that they did. 
The clinic was clean, new and spacious. There were lots of chair available for the customers unlike at Medical City which only has limited couches. I got a number and waited for it to flash on the screen so I know what my status is. You can also see the letters of the doctor's room and below is the number he/she is attending to so you would know if you are next in line. No more waiting in vain just like what happened to me before. There's an area there were you get your health card validated and then a nurse's area where they get your bp, height, weight. There is a TV that plays "Home Alone" marathon which bored hopefully they show newer movies or even cartoons for kids. 

They have a water station there so anyone who's thirsty can get a drink and my kid was a frequent visitor to that...LOL. Another problem with other clinics is that you are not allowed to bring in food or drinks..cmon! you are already not feeling well and still have to suffer from hunger and thirst??? MyHealth Clinic is totally cool with that. I bought food for us at Burger King and we ate it inside the clinic while waiting for my turn. There are two bathrooms (one is for the handicapped) and they are both clean with soap, sanitizer, toilet paper and hand paper. There is a small pee area for little boys and the toilet bowl flushes automatically so no excuse for forgetting to flush. 

Those who want to check mails or surf the internet while waiting can take advantage of the clinic's internet kiosk. I actually left my 4  year-old kid there playing because he was scared to join me inside the doctor's room. The nurses informed me right away that my son fell from the chair and hit his chin  on the table so I panicked a little, but they said he went back up and seem alright...but they still placed an ice pack on his chin. Beside the internet kiosk is the feedback kiosk where you can answer a survey and give suggestions which I think is a good idea because this will improve their service more. 

I was checked by the ENT and he seem knowledgeable about my condition and his equipment were high-tech. My nose got devirginized when he inserted a small tube with a camera to see my sinus but that made me know more about the severity of my condition. Thank God all I need was medication and nasal spray, but what sucks is that it is a lifetime sickness so I need to avoid getting allerghinitis. 

I got my blood extracted early morning and the one who took my blood even told me to press before I go unlike in Medical City wherein the chair was broken so my arms was placed up high while the nurse extracted my blood. I even got the password to the lab results which I can see online...ain't that cool? The X-ray room was also need to lay down to get my neck checked. When I had my head X-ray at Medical City, I was asked to lay down...old school. So from now on, I know where to get a check-up because the people at MyHealth definitely knows how to take care of their customer's health. 

Check out MyHealth because I saw some cool promos there and a health card for unlimited checkups.

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