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Eastwood New Year Staycation

Sorry that I have not been updating my blog post (as if someone reads it  LOL). It's been almost three years I think since I last wrote here that's why I made it my New Year's resolution to fix up my blog and write more often. Don't be surprised if you see stories about my adventures for the past few years since I will be doing a lot of catching up. Let me begin with my Eastwood New Year Staycation.
Why Celebrate New Year in Eastwood?  I chose Eastwood City because it is closer to my place making it more accessible and there's a free New Year Countdown concert. I was considering Mall of Asia since they also have a free concert, but I already felt tired just thinking of my travel time and traffic. I originally booked a hotel near Ayala, Makati thinking that they still have a street party. After doing some research, I think they already stopped doing it for a few years now so Eastwood it is!
Where to stay in EastwoodEastwood Richmond Hotel is the most ideal place to …
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Mother's Day Celeb Take Two At Tokyo Bubble Tea

I know this blog is long overdue, but finally found time to write what happened last Mother's Day. Looking for a perfect place to have Mother's Day dinner is not that easy, especially when all the nice restaurants are already packed with people. After hearing mass at Trinoma, I asked my mom where she wanted to have dinner. She chose Tokyo Bubble Tea because we ate there before and she was satisfied with the food plus there aren't much people in that resto yet. 

We were asked to stay in this 2-seater area and they just added one chair for my kid. While thinking of what to order, the waiter served us glasses of water. Guess what happened? He spilled a glass filled with water on my mom's clothes. Everyone looked at us and I was really pissed because I felt sorry for my mom, but she was calm and asked me to just forget about it.

I was thinking of posting a photo of my mom to show everyone what the waiter did to her, but I decided not to anymore. Instead, here's the phot…

Get A Taste of Hong Kong at Eat Fresh Restaurant

Holy Week is all about fasting, but it is really hard to do that when the food in front of you is tempting. Every Holy Thursday, it has been a family tradition to go on a Visita Iglesia. For those who don't know what that is, it is a religious practice of visiting at least seven churches and praying the Stations of the Cross. When we were younger, we used to visit like 14 churches and that's quite tiring. Today, it is faster with seven churches and more people are out of town taking advantage of the long weekend.
After Visita Iglesia, with sadly a few family members getting sick because of heat and exhaustion, the rest decided to go to Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food for late dinner. It was located along J.Abad Santos Street in San Juan near Xavier School and Wilson.
From the outside, you wouldn't think that it is a restaurant because people choose the Hong Kong street food on stick displayed in front.
I thought you would have to wait until they grill the food and eat…

All Iz Good at 7107 IMF: Day 2

After a night of EDM and hiphop music, the next day of the 7107 IMF was expected to have a different crowd. This is my chance to bump into people my age unlike Day 1 where I felt like a wannabe teeny-bopper. haha! I can't even keep up with all the non-stop dancing and drinking like I used to during my techno rave days in Malate and Makati.

We got to the venue around 2:30 pm and the front area of the stage was already crammed with people. There goes my chance of getting up close with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But I still got my hopes high...even if the chances of meeting them were really slim.

So we settled in the middle part, which we called our home base cos that's were we meet when we get tired of roaming around. 
Since the only bands that I was interested in watching at 7107 IMF that night were Empire of the Sun and RHCP, I ended up hanging out with some of my pals who I haven't seen for years. 
Finally! Some people I can relate to...and they luckily got their tickets fo…

All Iz Good at 7107 IMF: Day 1

I admit I was one of those who doubted the capability of the 7107 International Music Festival organizers to pull off a successful show because of many reasons - dubious ticketing (we are used to buying them at the mall or the concert venue), mystery list of performers (they haven't really completed the lineup not until a month before the festival), and rumoredly funded by the Napoles (the mastermind of the PDAF scam). 

Despite all the negative feedbacks that I've read online, I still forced myself to believe everything's gonna be fine because I don't want to waste my hard-earned money on a flopped festival. I was glad that I got the tickets on discount last Christmas plus I wouldn't have to worry about the ride and accommodation. My sister and her family already bought tickets so there's no turning back. 

A week before the concert, I was torn between selling my ticket or not because I just resigned from my job (mainly bcoz of the a**hole gaptooth Brit). Sorry fo…