Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mother's Day Celeb Take Two At Tokyo Bubble Tea

I know this blog is long overdue, but finally found time to write what happened last Mother's Day. Looking for a perfect place to have Mother's Day dinner is not that easy, especially when all the nice restaurants are already packed with people. After hearing mass at Trinoma, I asked my mom where she wanted to have dinner. She chose Tokyo Bubble Tea because we ate there before and she was satisfied with the food plus there aren't much people in that resto yet. 

We were asked to stay in this 2-seater area and they just added one chair for my kid. While thinking of what to order, the waiter served us glasses of water. Guess what happened? He spilled a glass filled with water on my mom's clothes. Everyone looked at us and I was really pissed because I felt sorry for my mom, but she was calm and asked me to just forget about it.

I was thinking of posting a photo of my mom to show everyone what the waiter did to her, but I decided not to anymore. Instead, here's the photo of the waiter who said sorry for what happened:

I forgave the dude because it was an accident, but this is like a mortal sin for any waiter. I was looking for the restaurant manager, because that person should be the one in charge in cases like these. 

A girl approached me and just asked what happened and if it was a lot of water...I even can't remember her asking for an apology and I didn't even feel any sincerity or concern from her. I also noticed her telling the waiter to ask us what we want...we we're thinking that maybe they will deduct what we order from his salary that's why we said none.

Despite what happened, we still had our Mother's Day dinner there since we're already hungry. So here's what I call a "like nothing happened" photo:

I lost my appetite so I just ordered California Maki (P148). My son had fish and chips (P185) and I ordered rice for him. My mom had Seafood Melt Doria (P245). 

We saw the yummy drinks from the other table so we decided to get some too. 

I ordered Strawberry Milk Shake (P145) and shared that with my son while my mom had Japanese Green Milk Tea (P115).

Because of what happened earlier, we tend to move a bit further away from the table each time the waiter serves food and drinks.

Like what any person would do when traumatized by something...LOL.  

The food and drinks were all nicely presented. When it comes to taste, the California Maki is good and it is slightly chilled which I like. The Fish and Chips are also well seasoned and cooked just can actually be shared by two. The Seafood Melt Doria according to my mom is just okay so I guess she wasn't that satisfied with it. I really like the shake because it is thick and creamy. 

My overall dining experience was good, but I won't be coming back there because of the poor service and management. Before you close this article, continue reading more below. Remember I wrote on the title, Mother's Day celeb take two that's because we got GCs from Tokyo Bubble Tea. 

I sent them a message on Facebook telling them what happened to my mom and the marketing manager replied with an apology. He was nice and we decided to have a second Mother's Day celebration at Tokyo Bubble Tea, but this time at SM North EDSA.

The place was smaller so we're glad to get good seats at the couch area on the left side where my kid was sitting. My mom ordered Japanese Caesar Salad (P235), which can be shared by two if you're not that hungry. I ordered Hamburger Steak with Demi Glaze (P258) for my son, which I shared with him as well since the serving is huge. I like the glaze and the burger could be better if it was tender. I also ordered the California Maki (P148) and this one is not that good as the other one I ordered. It seems like it's been done before or the ingredient isn't that fresh. The Strawberry Shake with pearls is really good (P145) and that is enough when you're there for a snack. 
Overall dining experience at the SM The Block branch is good maybe because they were advised by the marketing manager. Lesson learned: keep cool like my mom, email regarding the bad experience, and thankfully I met a nice rep who tried to make it all up.

P.S. This post was meant last year's Mother's Day so imagine how long I haven't updated my blog. Too busy to do so, but I will try do post more :)