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Writing is a therapy!

Its been years since i think since i last wrote in my blog because i was busy with my life. i didnt know i would still end up going back here...the place where you can release all your energy, thoughts, feelings and burdens. This is the best therapy for those who are depressed since thats what im feeling lately. I used to have depression and anxiety disorder..having those panic attacks was real hell man! I was like a zombie who tries to stay alive but is already dead inside. I even had agoraphobia and it took me years to finally get cured with the help of my family, meditation, psychiatrist and medicines. But the best cure of all is having my kid and believing in God. I was forced to stop all my medication when i was pregnant and at that time also recovering from a heart break. It was one of the biggest trial in my life but I was able to overcome it through FAITH! You just got to believe you can do it for it to happen. But depression and anxiety is a lifelong battle. Right now, i feel…