Friday, August 26, 2011

Manang's Chicken: Not so sossy name but the chicken is saucy so good!

People sometimes judge a restaurant based on their name...hearing Manang's Chicken would give that impression that it is a low-class, karendirya-type eatery but it has its own small air-conditioned restaurant in Ortigas. 
I saw a voucher somewhere giving discounts in Manang's Chicken but I did not buy it because it isn't that famous yet which I later on regret. I was curious about it and read reviews...almost everyone who have been there said it was so even said that Bon Chon Chicken should move I decided to drag my colleague to eat with me there during our lunch break.
I was glad that we got there early because the place can get packed during lunch time.We were the first waiting customer but we didn't really wait that long...

The food is very affordable! We ordered the 6-piece chicken wings worth P144 and 2 servings of rice worth P15 each. For the side dish, we ordered the macaroni salad which is worth P29. 
The first bite of that chicken wings with soy garlic sauce (that is both sweet and spicy) sprinkled with sesame seeds made me smile and say the magic word..mmmm...sarap! My friend agreed with me and continued to munch on the chicken wings. The skin of the chicken wings are really crunchy and cooked just the way I like it.

The macaroni salad is a good break from the rich taste of the chicken but I think they should add chicken, carrots and celery just what my mom does..but hey, this is fast food so the price is just right to get that kind of macaroni salad.

Manang's Chicken also delivers, but then again it won't taste that great once they get to you because the chicken skin would end up being soggy just like ordering fries from McDonalds. 
They don't have a wide list of menu, but I would definitely like to try the bagnet next time because I am partly Ilocano and that's our specialty. But then again...once I get to see that chicken right in front of me...I might not be able to resist myself from ordering it...LOL.

Here is the list of menu for those who want to try out Manang's Chicken:

P.S. Don't judge a restaurant by its name. Manang's Chicken is more sossy to me when it comes to the taste than other leading chicken restaurants.

Guess what? I saw my blog posted on Manang's Chicken Wall
It made me feel like I won an award! hahaha

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Smiley's Wings & Waffle is not something to Smile About

I bought 2 vouchers at Smiley's Wings & Waffle because the menu I saw in their website looked really yummy...
I have been trying to find the perfect timing to go there and it happened when I had a huge craving for wings and waffles so I decided to walk with my colleague to Robinson's Galleria to try it out and instead of just having it taken out, we decided to dine in their small kiosk at the 3rd level...
The stall looks nice and the pictures look really tempting..

Since my voucher is P100 and it is for worth P200... we decided to order the Smiley's Meal which is worth P99 consists of 2-piece chicken wings and a waffle
I ordered the really spicy one and choco chip waffle
And my friend got a cheesy garlic chicken and banana waffle...
Guess what? All they did was to cut the small wings into 2 to make it a 2-piece chicken and dipped it into a sauce...the chicken itself is not really that tasty because the sauce hides its real taste. I do like the choco chip waffle but there is nothing exceptional about that either.
Since we are both hungry...we end up cleaning up the plate in just a few minutes. For the price of 99 per meal I think it is too much...maybe if they lowered it to 50, then it would be fine or if they want to retain the price then they should make the servings bigger and the food tastier.
Here is the menu for those who are interested and its website

Since I still got another voucher left for this...hmmm...I wonder what I should order next...Thank God for vouchers because I don't have to spend a lot to try new food :)