Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's More Gay in the Philippines!

In time with the new tagline for the Philippine tourism, "It's more fun in the Philippines", I have decided  to write what has been long overdue since this event happened during the Christmas holiday...when my kid attended his first Christmas party in Jollibee. He joined the Kid's Club that's why we got an invitation so I said to myself, "Sure, why not?" We just paid P200 which I think was a good deal because it included 2 meals, fun games and of course seeing the Jollibee mascot...which is the rockstar for all kids! 
Kids and even parents go crazy each time they see Jollibee (some even force their kids to have their pic taken with Jollibee even if the kid was scared and crying...tsk tsk). 
Now I am sure you are wondering why I entitled this blog "It's more gay in the Philippines"...well because Filipinos simply love gay people...I don't have anything against them since they are really fun to be with...but they are starting to invade everything even children's parties...seeing them dance so gayish would make kid's think that is more fun being gay so I would be gay too! I was glad that my kid did not react much seeing them dance...but I did cos I had fun watching the gay duo show their moves. LOL
All the gay dancing was fine with me but what I can't really stand is hearing Willie Revillame songs non-stop during break time and really drove me crazy! Kids would even sing along and dance to songs like "ikaw na lang" and "kendeng kendeng?" (I am sure you are wondering why I know his songs because I watch Wil Time Big Time sometimes but c'mon hearing them in a children's party???) I thought I would hear songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "The Wheels on the Bus" which are more educational. 
Now game time! the staff asked for bigger kids first to join the contest and the gay guy asked my kid to join since he looked like he was already 5. I said he was just 3 but he still forced him to join (I'm not even sure if he heard me or bothered hearing what I got to say). Contestants have to hold their breath for a long time and say "Merry Christmas" as long as they can...since my kid did not understand the instructions that well because he was just 3 years old...he instead sang "Merry Christmas to you" and people laughed. I hope that did not cause any damage to my kid because I know that in some kids...they get insecurities and inferiority complex because they were ridiculed or embarrassed in front of many people. 
I was guilty of laughing because my kid was just so adorable! I just made him feel that what he did made people  laugh and that was cool. He made a comeback when he attended a swimming party recently by winning the game for saying "happy birthday" the longest...woohoo! proud of you baby!
 Warning: If you are a conservative parent and very strict in raising up your kid then don't bring him to a Jollibee party.