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It's More Gay in the Philippines!

In time with the new tagline for the Philippine tourism, "It's more fun in the Philippines", I have decided  to write what has been long overdue since this event happened during the Christmas holiday...when my kid attended his first Christmas party in Jollibee. He joined the Kid's Club that's why we got an invitation so I said to myself, "Sure, why not?" We just paid P200 which I think was a good deal because it included 2 meals, fun games and of course seeing the Jollibee mascot...which is the rockstar for all kids! 
Kids and even parents go crazy each time they see Jollibee (some even force their kids to have their pic taken with Jollibee even if the kid was scared and crying...tsk tsk). 
Now I am sure you are wondering why I entitled this blog "It's more gay in the Philippines"...well because Filipinos simply love gay people...I don't have anything against them since they are really fun to be with...but they are starting to invade eve…