Monday, February 17, 2014

Fisher Mall Swims Against Other Giant Malls in the Metro

One of the favorite pastimes of many Filipinos is malling - after school, after work, during weekends, and even when they are bored or  just want to cool off. Another reason why people go to a certain mall is out of curiosity - and that was the main reason we went to Fisher Mall. My mom has been ranting about this mall for weeks already so I finally gave in because I heard that the fish/seafood there are fresh. 
But before we started our mall tour (sounds like a concert eh?), we first had our late lunch at Jollibee where the cashier got everything mixed up which caused some delay, but the manager was able to fix it. It was nice seeing my kid making an effort to eat by himself knowing how lazy he was when it comes to that.
After meal, we decided to check out the mall and it was really cold...maybe because there wasn't much people there yet. The mall was spacious and they also have nice designs where people can have their photo ops. 
The design is like a crossover of Robinsons and SM Malls. Same goes inside the department store, which resembles more of Robinsons mall than SM because the latter mall is more crowded. 

Pardon me with the blurred pics 'cos i'm just using a crappy phone :). Another thing that people consider when going to a mall are the rest rooms. Personally, I prefer going to Trinoma more than SM North EDSA because there are more rest rooms in Trinoma and they are doing a good job in maintaining the cleanliness of their rest rooms. The rest rooms in Fisher Mall are spacious, modern, and also clean although they lack hand soap. I hope they maintain their rest rooms well.
And now for the fun part...the PlayLand. 
It is like a mini carnival, but with a modern touch since you use a tap card to access the rides and games unlike other amusement centers that uses a swipe card or tokens. Minimum load for a new card is P50, which is quite affordable.
My son rode the airplane which costs P40 so I told him to use his other load on games instead of another ride. 

So he hopped on one of the electric animals which costs only P20 and he had fun roaming around the Playland - passing by the game booths that will remind you of school fairs and a mini playground for toddlers.

The second floor was still a bit bare, but I saw two mini bowling lanes, a game console area for the older players, three KTV rooms, and a row of internet kiosks. The guard told me that you need to have at least P100 load in your card to spend 30 minutes in the KTV room because some kids just hang out there after school.

Fruit Ninja addicts should definitely try the wide screen is only P15 per game. My kid also played the popcorn game and plinko where he won a small ball.

And of course, an amusement park won't be complete without the classic arcade games such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. 
Too bad, we got no more load and we have to buy food for dinner. So we took the elevator from the 4th floor to the lower ground floor. 
I wasn't able to take pics of the supermarket, but people were all piled up at the seafood section where you can even have them cooked right there and then. Haven't tried that though..maybe next time. 
Before we left, we bought ensaymada at their bakery. I was quite impressed with Fisher Mall because they are just new in this business, but they already have their own line of bread and pastries. There's even a Fisher cafe located across the bakery.

The cheesy ensaymada with chocolate shavings on top is worth less than P100. My mom got it cheaper because she used her senior citizen card. It was quite good for its price. I see a lot of potential with Fisher Mall and if managed well...they can definitely swim against other shark malls in the sea.