Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Im Proud of Being A Solo Parent!

There has been an increase in solo parents nowadays and I am glad that society is learning to love them instead of crucifying them. During the early years, couples were forced to remain married for the sake of their kids even if the love wasn't there anymore or they get treated bad by their partner even to the point of hurting them emotionally and physically. First reason is that they want to avoid the rumors and hear people say stuff that can ruin their reputation. Second is to protect their kids from being tortured in school by bullies who keep on teasing them that they come from a broken family. I totally understand how they feel that's why they opt to stay together even if they are miserable. You should be happy and in love when you are in a relationship so if that is not how you feel, then why torture yourself by staying together? We have followed the trend in the US where people get a divorce if things don't work out. Seeing our fave celebrities and top personalities go through divorce have given us the guts to leave our partner. If they can do it, then so can I. These celebs have become an inspiration to them and gave them the courage to face the truth, let go and move on to a brighter future. I have a lot of friends who have divorced their husband or left their boyfriend to take full responsibility of their kids. I am for one is also a solo parent so I can share their sentiments. I would rather take care of my kid on my own and be at peace rather than have a lot of headaches and heart aches. It is hard to raise a kid when you are not mentally and emotionally stable. Am I right? Instead of focusing your time and energy on someone worthless then spend it more on your kid. Play together, travel together, grow old together. Seeing your kid happy and healthy is worth all the sacrifice. I am happy that the society is finally showing a lot of support to solo parents. I am a witness to that, having friends and family around me who support me in my journey as a mother. But not all are as lucky as me since there are parents who got no family and friends to be there for them in time of need. That is why I am glad that the government finally noticed the hardships and sacrifices that the solo parents face in raising a kid. I was able to use my solo parent leave, which is equivalent to 7 additional leaves and that is a big help especially when my kid gets sick. But not all parents work so this makes no difference to them. I recently read a news that a bill was filed by Representative Carol Jayne Lopez of You Against Corruption and Poverty (Yacap) which seeks to give single parents 20 percent discount on milk, medicine products, diapers and other infant items. Now this is what I have been waiting for! Hearing that has finally made me feel special and loved which all solo parents look for. I just wish that they would speed this up so that solo parents like me won't have to suffer that much anymore and instead spend more happy times with our kids. By the way, if I become a lawyer or a representative, I would also pass a bill that would penalize or put to jail all guys or girls that would abandon their kids or pregnant partner without giving support. LOL. That would make them think twice before making babies. Don't you think so? This might just be the perfect solution for birth control.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A taste of heaven!

We were bored at work one time and what better way to kill time than eat right? This is the fave hobby of any Filipino. We have been known all over the world to have several meals. Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Merienda, Dinner, Midnight Snack and there are other people who still have in between each meal. You can see a lot of food carts everywhere and small stands to satisfy our hunger and cravings. I was craving for something sweet like ice cream but my friend told me that I should try this frozen yogurt in White Hat. I said "Why not?". We were lucky because they recently opened a branch in Wilson so it was just a walk away from our office.

I have to admit the price is not that cheap but the question is it worth it? I ordered a regular size since I was just going to try it out then I chose cheesecake and blueberry for the toppings. The first bite was like heaven. All you can hear from me was mmm and see a smile on my face. My friend laughed at me and said "I told you so!". I tried frozen yogurt before but didn't really like it, but this was different. It tastes like real ice cream but what's good about this is that it is healthy. I can have cups and cups of this and not worry about my health. My choice was perfect since I love cheesecake and mixed with yogurt and fresh blueberries made my taste buds jump for joy. I can't wait to go back there and try a new combination. Maybe next payday J

Friday, July 30, 2010

Battle of the Groceries!

We all seek for the best grocery or supermarket here in the Philippines that's why I decided to make a comparison of some of the country's top supermarkets which are Puregold, Savemore, Landmark, Robinsons and Cherry. Being a mystery shopper has made me criticize unknowingly each of these grocery stores. I don't know if that habit is good or bad but I hope this would help you choose the best one and enjoy a hassle free shopping.

Here are the pros and cons for each supermarket:


1. I am glad they finally removed the big willie revillame standee in front of the branch i go to because I am not really a fan of him.
2. The price is reasonable and it is a little less than robinsons
3. The service crew and staff are friendly and doing their hourly dance which is amusing specially for the kids.
4. They have fresh veggies, fruits and meat which you can buy per piece.
5. The place is clean and well lighted
6. They have a lot of counters so you can avoid waiting in line.
6. Their baskets have a mini stroller so you would not have a hard time carrying them.
1. not all items can be found there since they have affiliates with some brands and also push their own SM Bonus brand
2. they don't have kiddie carts where kids can ride


1. The place is clean and well lighted.
They have fresh veggies, fruits and meat which you can easily choose from depending on the amount you want.
3. The staff is friendly and very helpful too, I feel relaxed being around them.
4. You can use your ATM or debit card when you buy some groceries. (mine is bancnet and not all groceries use that)
5. They have a lot of counters available when needed.
1. The price is a little higher than the other groceries.


1. The price is cheap compared to other groceries thats why there are a lot of people buying there in bulk.
2. They have kiddie carts except at their junior puregold branches.
3. You have a lot of choices in products and promo packs.
4. They also have other stuff sold there like clothes, appliances, etc.
1. The inspection of bags is really irritating since they need to mark the stuff you got in your bag that is also sold in their grocery. If you don't want them to do that, you just need to leave your stuff at the baggage counter.
2. You need to separately pay at the milk station or sometimes they would give you a number which you would present at the cashier when paying before they put the product there. I feel like I am already being accused of stealing it because they wont let you have the product.
3. I find the place a little crowded and the staff aren't that friendly at all.
4. Politics in brands is present wherein they don't allow other competing brands to be sold there.
5. They also ask you to pay for any additional plastic bag so they try to put all your stuff in one bag and its not really a sturdy bag.


1. The price is really cheap compared to other groceries that's why people always go there buying in bulks.
2. They have a lot of choices and also promo packs.
3. You have a wide selection of products and no politics in brands unlike other groceries.
4. Some hard to find stuff can be seen there too and they also sell clothes, shoes, toys, etc.
1. The carts are still old school and no kiddie carts so kids wont enjoy shopping there.
2. The fruits and veggie choices aren't a lot and its all packed.
3. The meat and seafood section aren't well lighted and pleasing to the eyes.
4. Some cashiers are not that friendly like the time I went to the basket counter and this girl asked me that i cant go there because its for baskets only and no one was in that counter at that time. So i got a basket, put my stuff there and then went back to her and said here it is! I don't know if I would say that she is stupid or just following the rules.


1. The place is clean and very pleasing to the eyes.
2. The staff are also friendly and approachable.
3. There is a lot of choice and have promo packs.
4. The fruits, veggies and meat have a wide selection and you can buy per piece
5. They have kiddie carts where kids can ride in and enjoy shopping (just hope they add more because kids fight over it)
1. The price is a little higher than other groceries
2. They don't use bancnet or megalink there anymore

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Writing is a therapy!

Its been years since i think since i last wrote in my blog because i was busy with my life. i didnt know i would still end up going back here...the place where you can release all your energy, thoughts, feelings and burdens. This is the best therapy for those who are depressed since thats what im feeling lately. I used to have depression and anxiety disorder..having those panic attacks was real hell man! I was like a zombie who tries to stay alive but is already dead inside. I even had agoraphobia and it took me years to finally get cured with the help of my family, meditation, psychiatrist and medicines. But the best cure of all is having my kid and believing in God. I was forced to stop all my medication when i was pregnant and at that time also recovering from a heart break. It was one of the biggest trial in my life but I was able to overcome it through FAITH! You just got to believe you can do it for it to happen. But depression and anxiety is a lifelong battle. Right now, i feel that i am depreciating and starting to have those but im trying to fight it thats why i started writing again. I had a calling that I need to share this experience so that others who can relate can have hope. FIGHT FOR UR LIFE!