Saturday, April 28, 2012

Uncle Cheffy Is Surely Worth Celebrating

After work Friday night...I was waiting for hours as to who among my friends would pick me up for was coming from Sta. Rosa, Laguna while the other one was coming from Manila...the decision would be based on the traffic and the winner was the one from Manila! Parking in Eastwood was another problem, but with some good vibes chanting...we were  able to get a good spot near the entrance (the power of positive thinking worked!). 
I was glad I ate a heavy snack at Yoshinoya, but later on regretted that because I was not able to eat a lot of Uncle Cheffy's specialties. The restaurant was located on the 2nd floor of the Eastwood Mall so it was easy to find. 
The restaurant looked like a typical pizza place with a touch of Italy having nice artworks all over, a mini bar and cellar.

We decided to move outside to enjoy the fresh air and view. There were nice long couches that can fit in 3 to 4 people which made it more comfy for us to chat all night. There's also a ceiling fan which was perfect for the hot weather. 

This small gathering was really for our friend who came from the U.S. The last time we saw her was 4 years ago and it was nice seeing her again and my other friends. The timing was perfect since I have been getting a lot of dilemmas lately and need some good advice. 

Seeing friends is something worth celebrating, but the food at Uncle Cheffy was surely worth celebrating too! Let's start with the Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad which was worth P495. The serving was good for 4 people. The prawns were big and the salad was fresh. The dressing was light so as not to overpower the freshness of the salad...but I like my dressing to have a bite so I think I need more vinaigrette on it.
Next dish was the Tiuey Noodle which was worth P295. It is Asian fried noodles with beef strips and asparagus. The pasta can be shared because the serving was big so the price was really worth it. I just didn't like the sweet oriental sauce. I prefer authentic Italian pomodoro or bolognese sauce.
For meat lovers, I would highly recommend the Memphis Barbecue Ribs with marble potatoes and salad on the side. The dish was served with three sauces: pesto (perfect for the potatoes), tomatoes and barbecue sauce. It is worth around P595, but it can be shared by 4 people.
Uncle Cheffy is famous for its brick-oven panizza and they have a good selection of panizzas. We ordered the Uncle Cheffy Favorites which is a huge square-shaped panizza with oven-dried tomatoes, anchovies, mushroom garlic, chili flakes, three kinds of cheese and basil leaves. Guess how much? It is just P395 and can be shared by 4 to 5 people unless you got a bottomless pit like I friends were lucky I ate before I went there..LOL
My dining experience at Uncle Cheffy was great! Food was delicious, staff were accommodating, the couches outside were comfortable and of course what made my dining experience memorable was the company of good friends....oops!  I also forgot to add that my friend treated me so that made it perfect too...LOL. 
Here is the Uncle Cheffy Menu for those who are planning to eat there. I can't wait to bring my kid and mom to that place.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kenny Rogers Roasters: Crossover between fast food and casual dining

One of the biggest tasks when going to a mall during the weekends is finding a restaurant that would fit the budget, avoid the long queue and dine comfortably. Jollibee and McDonalds is the choice of the many especially those with kids...I really don't know what kind of spell that red bee and funny clown did to those kids, but it definitely got them begging their parents to eat in that restaurant. My kid was a victim of that contagious Jollibee spell and we argued all day finding a place to eat because he insists that we eat there. I would suggest something and he would drag me outside. 

Since the main mall in SM City gets super crowded every weekends, I decided to go to SM Annex where there was still room left for breathing. The Jollibee there was full so I decided to trick my kid into eating at Kenny Rogers because there were only few people eating at this fast food chain. I remembered how attached he was with huge TVs so I used that to bribe him into eating at Kenny Rogers Roasters. 

I really liked the interiors of the restaurant or should I say fast food chain because you would have to line up to order, but they give you a menu so you can choose before you fall in line. It is like a crossover of a fast food and a casual restaurant. The price is a little too high than Jollibee and McDonalds, but for me to be able to order and dine comfortably is what matters most. They don't have service charge unlike other fine dining restaurants or even family restaurants like Pizza Hut or Shakey's which is great because you only pay for what you order and not get surprised getting a huge bill after meals. I ordered a meal that consists of chicken, spaghetti and muffins which I shared with my kid because I was not that hungry.
The spaghetti was good (it reminded me of the spaghetti served at Yum-Yum Tree in Rustan's Makati when I was a kid), the muffin was good and the chicken was also delicious but it was too little! 
My mom ordered 3 side dishes worth around P120 which is fine if you are on a diet or just wanted a light meal. My kid ate the mashed potato and I tasted it which is just alright. I suggest that you order their family meal if you are groups of  4 or 5 to fully satisfy your tummy. 
Just when we were about to leave, my kid discovered a new area in Kenny Rogers Roasters where he wanted to chill. Too bad we have to go...well, there is always a next time. For those who want to check out the menu of Kenny Rogers or would want to order online, here is their link:
Kenny Rogers Philippines

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Vibes at Vibes Massage

I admit that I am a sucker for getting massages because I live a very stressful life and this is one way of relaxing. Since most massages now ranges between P300 to P500 (it does not include the more expensive ones offered in spa centers). I always grab vouchers that offers up to 50% off on massages. I was lucky to get a voucher at ensogo (even if I hate this company because of the bad customer service) I was tempted to get one because I only paid P150 for a one-hour massage at Vibes Massage that is originally worth P300. It definitely is a good deal because they are offered in many branches and one is really close to my place. I bought 3 vouchers (2 for me and 1 for my mom...she definitely needs that too). I checked out the branch at the 3rd floor of Circle C Mall, Congressional Avenue. It looks like a clinic from the outside...

The awards posted on the wall got me expecting a real good massage from the blind masseuse. They have the reputation of giving good massages because my dad used to have a regular masseuse who is partly blind and he was really great and I have also tried half massages in Cubao and Cherry. 

The receptionist did not ask for any I.D. which was cool because my mom won't have a hard time claiming a massage if ever she wanted to get hers already. The place is not really pleasing to the eyes because you can see a row of people getting a massage reminded me of the ward area or emergency room of the hospital. I was glad that I get my own room because I won't feel comfortable being massaged outside. 

Pardon me for the pictures that were taken inside the massage room because it was a bit dark there. It looked like a small apartment room that was divided into several mini rooms because there are spaces on top. I was glad that there was a hook that locks the room because the spa I went to before only has a curtain-like cover and there were employees peeking in and talking to my masseuse (hated that experience!). I snapped a pic of the blind masseuse and and I asked her what kind of massage she was doing and she said it was a combination of different massages...i never bothered asking her more because it seems like she does not know the difference of shiatsu, swedish and traditional and I totally understand her. Her strokes were mild and relaxing plus she knows what part to work on because she spent a lot of time on my back to loosen up the muscles and nerves. The bed doesn't have a bad smell unlike the one at Blue Elements (the pillow smells bad...LOL). Overall experience was fine, but the place lacks the ambiance. The music played was from an AM channel and newspapers were scattered all over the two chairs at the reception. I hope they add more chairs for those who are waiting to get a massage and fix up the place. Kudos though to the owner of the massage center for giving job opportunities to blind people...the masseuse even told me that they can also buy stocks in the company. Here is their website for those who want to help these people and also get a good massage.

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