Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breakfast at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I was excited to get a breakfast treat from my friend at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. She was bragging to me at how delicious their breakfast was so I was eager to try it even waking up early on my day off. I was still not sure if I will bring my kid with me because he was still sleeping. But I felt guilty because I made a promise the night before that if he behave and sleep early, I will bring him along. My friend still need to finish some work so our breakfast date got delayed for a bit and my kid woke up so I decided to give him a quick bath and bring him along. I was expecting a cool morning weather but it was so hot already for around 9 am. We got to U.P. Ayala Techno Hub and there was not much people there and most restaurants and stores are still closed. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has a nice cozy design and we chose an area with 2 couches and a mini couch suited for my kid. I ordered the bagel with chicken sausages and scrambled eggs while my friend chose bread with salmon and egg. 

Wow! It looks really tempting and has a nice presentation but when I started cutting the bread, I was disappointed because it was as tough as a rock! My kid who had a hard time chewing just ate the eggs which is quite bland for me. The chicken sausage was cold maybe I guess they really serve it that way. I asked for ketchup so I can give my kid the sausage but they said they don't have any ketchup....WTF! First time I went to a restaurant that does not have any ketchup and this is even a high-class coffee shop. I tasted my friend's order and since I was not a big fan of salmon unless it is sushi...I did not like the taste as well. She told me that her bread was also tough. The coffee was really strong so I was not able to drink it at all or else I might end up palpitating so for those who love strong coffee then this coffee shop is for you. The only thing I liked is the small packs of cream cheese and jam. The prunes was the dessert but I think it would be better if they serve fresh fruits and not preserved ones. 
All in all..I was not happy with my breakfast but since I did not pay anything, I need not complain. Now I know where not to have breakfast and spend more than a hundred. 

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yehey for Yedang Korean Restaurant

My sis invited us for dinner to celebrate the birthday of her hubby and when she mentioned Yedang...I got excited because I have read a lot of good reviews about this restaurant and was even planning to eat there for my birthday if I had a bigger budget..but unfortunately I ended up buying vouchers for a Japanese resto to save up. Since I passed by that place before, we decided to go there ahead of my sis because my kid was sleeping. The guard was really nice to help us get out of the cab to the restaurant even assisting us with an umbrella. There was a small bench near the entrance for guests waiting to be assisted for their seats. I requested for a table for us so we can sit comfortably while waiting. The venue was nice even adding a Christmas tree to give that holiday feeling.

The table has a nice set-up offering chopsticks and spoon (not ordinary looking spoon so there is still that Korean feel to it). They served us water with a hint of pandan which made it taste more refreshing...(the container though looked a little groovy with a pic of a Korean lady emoting..LOL)

Finally my sis and her family arrived so they ordered already and the waiter started serving side dishes/appetizers....which was awesome! They had two sets and there were lots of choices too...of course my fave was KIMCHI! What was great is that you can even ask for a re-fill without being charged extra!
Next served was Japchae which is a noodle does taste good..not too sweet and not too saucy..perfectly cooked
Next was the beef stew...the beef was really tender which my kid loved because he is always too lazy to chew and this dish was easy to eat.

Next was beef and pork strips which were grilled right in front of us...which made it more fun can eat that rolled in sesame leaf or cabbage...i tried them both and prefer the cabbage...or with plain rice and some side dish like kimchi and their salad.

Everything is delicious at Yedang (mapapa-Yehey! ka sa sarap) and now I know why it got good reviews and even celebrities love eating there...spotted were singer Sitti and actor Cesar Montano. The restaurant is easy to find because it is near Metrowalk. For those who are interested in eating at Yedang then here is their menu:

In time for the I wish they would have a discount voucher at Yedang! Hope it would come true soon :)

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bistro Miyake Birthday Treat

Finding a place to have that perfect birthday dinner is a huge task for almost everyone because there are a lot of factors to consider: the price...the venue...the food...the serving...and the reputation! I love Japanese food and my former colleague who already ate at this place told me that their serving is big and it is delicious so I took her word for it. The price is expensive but having 4 vouchers (P250 each) for P500 worth of food was worth it! It has a convenient venue and easy to find since Annapolis street is not that long. Bistro Miyake is located at unit 101 Intrawest Bldg, 33 Annapolis St. Greenhills. (Plus the huge sign on top makes it easy to see)
When we got there around 6:30 pm, the sign says it was closed which made me panic a little but I was glad the waiter told me that it was already open. The girl approached me and I told her that I have been calling their number to make a reservation since yesterday but it cannot be reached and she told me that they had a problem with PLDT and accommodated us.
I wanted to stay in that area but it were all reserved already which is not fair because I have been trying to get a reservation but their phone is busted! So we just settled sitting in the middle part with no couch! (bitter me again...LOL)

Our meal started with complimentary hot green tea and dilis

Followed by the nicely presented but expensive sushi and sashimi mania worth P675. It is good for 6 to 8 people but if you are sushiholics it can be consumed by only 3 or 4 people. Tastes fresh and good! 
We ordered Agedashi Tofu, Katsudon (tastes good and not that expensive), Mushroom Trio Yakisoba (which is just fine...nothing extraordinary), Spicy Pork Soba (it is not really that spicy), Beef Yakiniku Don (tastes like beef steak but big serving too), and Ebi Tempura (i think the price increased because we paid almost P500 for this dish and got like 5 pcs of tempura meaning that it costs around P100 per shrimp..whoa!).

My over-all dining experience was good! Staff were friendly and food service was fast (maybe because there were not that much people when we got there). Plus point is an individual bathroom with bidet (my kid had an easy time pooping there...LOL) The only downhill is the price...quite expensive...we paid service charge for the additional orders we made so if you are planning to eat there with your voucher make sure to order just right and not exceed so as not to be charged extra. If I have a lot of moolah then I would certainly go back there again and eat! 
Here is their menu and price but I don't think this is updated.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Unsatisfied with My Second Barrio Fiesta Voucher

It was my birthday and I was stressed out in treating my family and close friends to dinner because I have a tight budget. I was tempted to buy the Barrio Fiesta Voucher offering crispy pata and shanghai rice plus 1.5 litro of coke for only P495. 
I thought it was a good deal and my past experience buying a voucher at Barrio Fiesta was satisfying so I clicked paying online for an instant voucher. 
When we got there, place was packed but was lucky to get a table for 5. I gave them the voucher and decided to make additional orders because my friend decided to treat me by adding sinigang na hipon and my mom is cutting down on pork so I ordered sizzling sisig na bangus. 
The Crispy Pata was good and crunchy but I think for a regular price of almost P500, it is too expensive. There is a small store near our place that sells Crispy Pata with the same size for only P290. As usual, consumers always buys the name and not the food. 

 The Sinigang na Hipon is not a good deal! There were only like 7 shrimps swimming in a big bowl of soup...really deceiving. Price is P495!  
Now the Shanghai Rice is bad! I thought that there would at least be bits of lumpiang shanghai in the rice...but if you take a closer look...there were parts of rice that were totally white! It was like they made a quick run on the frying pan where they cooked the lumpiang shanghai. 
Lesson learned! Not all good deals would give you another good deal next time you go there : ) 
P.S. Warning to those eating at Barrio Fiesta! They would give you small packed towels that would be charged automatically to your bill so make sure not to use it if you are not willing to pay and check your bill. Another thing is that they would choose the cheapest amount of dish in your bill to give discount for senior citizen. I think the discount my mom got was only P20 pesos which they gave for the halo halo we ordered and not the sinigang na hipon. BOO Barrio Fiesta!  

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