Monday, October 31, 2011

Sumo Sam and Cerealicious: Jap VS. Cereals/Crepes.

If there was a battle between Jap and Cereals/Crepes which I tasted last Saturday, then definitely the winner is JAP!

My mom was craving for Japanese food during her birthday but I already bought a voucher so she had to settle for Filipino food...I was glad she did like it!

So she had another celebration the next day which was my sister's treat! She finally had her cravings satisfied at SUMO SAM. This restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong cor EDSA. 
While waiting, they served hot green tea and I really like the ambiance and design of the resto because it really does look Japanese with mini waterfalls and bamboos. 

The Victory Float was first served which has a nice presentation. It is a selection of sushi and sashimi. Sooo love it! Really fresh and fake jap rice and yucky raw fish.  
My mom ordered tempura and it also tastes good. More prawns and less batter unlike those sold in fast food restos.
The sushi rolls are actually filling so I just ate two pieces of tempura which is enough to satisfy me. Everything is great at SUMO SAM except for the price. It is kinda expensive, the Victory Float costs around 858 and the Ebi Tempura costs around 368. Actually each meal is good enough for two so the price is still reasonable.
For the menu just click here:

My kid was not able to eat much because he had to poop. HAHAHA. So I decided to buy something for him at Cerealicious. It is located near the parking entrance so this stall is not that visible to the public.

I really like the cute which would appeal to kids. Even the chairs and tables suit the theme.

My niece ordered cereals with ice cream on top..i forgot the name of it and didn't taste it so not sure if it's good or not..but she is a big cereal fan so i'm sure she liked it a lot. For the price of P80, not sure if it is worth it. 
I decided to order crepe with mangoes and vanilla ice cream of my little boy because I know he loves mangoes. I was actually disappointed with it. The crepe is tough and the mangoes are not that ripe. Maybe I just expect too much cos I have tasted the best crepes and that is at Cafe Breton. For the price of P120, it sure is not worth it!
Another thing! The plastic fork is brittle and easily breaks so not good quality. 
Maybe cereals is their forte and I suggest, they just stick with that. 
Here is their website if you want to check them out.

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The best voucher deal at Barrio Fiesta

When I saw the voucher deal at metrodeal about Barrio Fiesta that says...
P490 instead of P1005 for a Delicious Whole Chicken & Seafood Paella Rice and 1.5L Coke at Barrio Fiesta Good for 4 People
I was tempted to buy one so I clicked it even if I still don't have money yet because the deadline for the payment is around 2 days before my payday. When I checked it online again, I saw that it was extended so I was lucky to get a voucher! This is meant for me!

I used it to treat my mom on her birthday and I didn't reveal it to her until the last minute. She was worried as to how I would treat her because she knows money is kinda tight for me lately but I wanted to surprise her. She invited over a close friend so the food was really too much for us since it is good for 4 and the fourth person is my 3-year old. 

The chicken can pass as a Max's Fried Chicken if only they would have used Jufran ketchup but its good enough.
When I saw the seafood paella, I was ecstatic because the serving was big and there are lots of seafoods on top. I was expecting more of rice rather than seafoods but they are pretty equal. 
It was good but a little dry. I prefer the kind of paella that is sticky and tasty with a little oil drippings. For the drinks, we got a litro of coke which we never finished cos were not huge coke drinkers.
I checked the price for each meal and it was 400 plus each so it is like buying one meal for another meal which is worth it! A lot of people used that voucher that day and all of them seem satisfied. 
THANK GOD for vouchers, people who have a tight budget can still celebrate and eat good food! 

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Golden Bay Restaurant: Authentic Chinese Resto/ Mini Aquarium

Please check out an update below  (finally took better pics)
What's all the fuss about Golden Bay Restaurant? Travelling far would mean that the food is really good so I was excited to taste how good it was. The restaurant is situated along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay City and just near SM Mall of Asia.  

This Chinese restaurant was huge and reminded me of the resto called President that we used to go to in Binondo or most commonly known as Chinatown when we were just a kid.
The only difference is that Golden Bay glitters like gold while President is more of a classic and traditional resto. Another plus factor of Golden Bay is their mini aquarium which is not really on display only but you can get fresh catch from there and they cook it just the way you want it...poor underwater creatures...tsk tsk

I feel sorry for them but damn! i do love seafoods..LOL
This area of the restaurant is a big hit among the kids but make sure to accompany them because that area can get slippery.

Another thing that caught my eye is this nice display of poultry. You can see ducks, chicken, turkey? (i think im wrong with the last one...)
Now let's go with the food. We had dimsum galore because they had a 50% off promo on all dimsums. That's a great deal right?
We also ordered spicy tofu, an unusual dish with taro, noodles, fried rice, soup and more! No complains about the food cos its really authentic Chinese not like Chowking or any cheap Chinese restos.

Sorry for the pics because my new phone's cam sucks! my nokia's 1.3 mp is clearer than my 3mp phone. oh man!
Of course after a meal would be a nice cup of tea..not the sugary ones or cold ones...authentic herbal chinese tea!

Maybe this is one reason why most Chinese are skinny. I rarely see an obese Chinese unlike in the US. Maybe I should drink herbal tea more to digest the food faster and cleanse my body. Hmmm.

Had a great time at Golden Bay and food was superb! The people there don't also care if kids run around like it was a playground but all that running made me hungry again. LOL
If you are planning to have a wedding reception, family dinner or simply want to experience eating in China cos you dont have enough money to fly there...then make sure to check out Golden Bay restaurant

Learn more about them here:

We returned to Golden Bay Restaurant last Mother's Day 2012 and was lucky to get reservations on the 2nd floor. The place looks grand and spacious unlike the ground level with huge chandeliers on top. The table setup was typical Chinese and being there reminded me of a wedding reception. 

And the highlight of the night is the authentic Chinese cuisine...starting with the appetizer which I think is chopped clams and leeks? (not sure about it) 
And followed by the fried noodles and chicken....

We ordered dimsums again and they all tasted great including the wrapped rice

And for with small sago (pearls) and the siopao-like sweet dough with mango surprise inside...which is a great way to end a meal!

Another thing I consider in a restaurant is the restroom and Golden Bay's ladies room is clean, spacious, has soap and toilet paper...perfect! 
It is rare for me not to complain in a restaurant and with all the dishes that we ordered, I got nothing bad to say about them because they are really good. Oh yeah, my kid enjoyed riding the elevator since there are 3 floors at the Golden Bay, running around since the restaurant is huge and talking to the fish at the aquarium. Kids, moms and even grandmas enjoyed dining at Golden Bay so Mother's Day was a real success!

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