Saturday, May 18, 2013

Home Cooked Filipino Meals at Kusina Imaz

Do you miss your mom's home cooked meals? If you are far away from home and miss eating classic Filipino dishes like pinakbet, laing, and sinigang, then you can always visit Kusina Imaz. This restaurant is located at RMR Square, Pasong Tamo, Tandang Sora. This is where the new Robinsons Supermarket is located and beside Caltex. Since I usually buy groceries at Robinsons, I decided to try out the dishes at Kusina Imaz. The restaurant is spacious and there isn't a lot of people going to RMR square because it is not that visible. A small building currently being constructed was blocking the square. It was supposed to be McDonald's but they later on removed the banner and stopped the construction. Don't know what they're going to do with that unfinished building. That's why I like buying groceries there because it was not crowded. 
The staff are nice and accommodating. The have a wide selection of Filipino dishes and the price is affordable too compared to other Filipino Restaurants. They have Mangan Meal Combos, which you can share if you have a tight budget. You can get two meat choices and one veggies with rice for only P119.00. Just order extra rice and you can now share this meal. Pretty cheap, right? 
I ordered the Mangan 3, which I shared with my son. He ate the Sinigang na Bangus with rice. Unlike what I ordered at Mang Inasal which has a tiny 1/4 slice of half a bangus, theirs have a real slice of bangus and lots of veggies. It's like getting a serving from your own pot of sinigang at home.
I ate the Laing and Dinakdakan. Laing is a popular vegetable dish from the Bicol region and it is spicy, which I love. It is also creamy because they used coconut milk and no fishy taste. 

The Dinakdakan, on the other hand, is an Ilocano dish that resembles sisig because it consists of grilled pig ears, face, and other parts with pig's brain, chili, onions, and seasonings. Really love this dish because I have Ilocano blood in me and I love everything spicy. 
My overall dining experience was good and it was a budget-friendly restaurant too. I am going to try their Bagnet next time and see if it will live up to my Ilocano standards. 

Update: I ate at Kusina Imaz again weeks ago and ordered same Mangan meal but my choice this time was Adobong Pusit and Dinengdeng. 
The Adobong Pusit was good, but not exceptionally delicious. I prefer the traditional adobong pusit that my mom cooks because it uses huge squid and the black ink of the squid. 
The Dinengdeng is another Ilocano vegetable dish that uses fish as its main ingredient stewed with vegetables. This dish is a bit salty for me. 

Note: The pictures are enlarged so don't expect your orders to have big servings. Since this is a value meal, then you will only get small portions.

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