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Dining at the Old Vine Grille with good old friends

Me and my old friends (or let me say former high school classmates...does that sound better?) rarely meet up so it was nice seeing them again. Two of the more successful ones treated the underdogs (in other words...the less fortunate ones) and that included me at Old Vine Grille in Eastwood. 
Instead of ordering ala carte, they decided to try the buffet which I think is a good choice because their dishes are quite expensive. For P595, you can eat all you can! If I only knew, I would have starved myself all day...LOL.
I was still full so the waiter just served me Tom Yum soup which I thought was seafood sinigang because it tasted like that. Not much authentic flavor in it and spices. (pardon me with the dark pic) This was followed by a delightful green salad and salmon carpaccio! I topped the salad with croutons, parmesan and ceasar salad dressing. It has cherry tomatoes and chicken bits. It matched the salmon perfectly...very light and tasty! I am not a big fan of salmon because I have t…

Red Mango Wins By A Landslide Over California Berry

My first yogurt experience was with White Hat and I actually wrote about that already in my blog...I think 2 or 3 years ago. I was not really a big fan of yogurt but when my friend asked me to try frozen yogurt knowing that it is much healthier than ice cream...I did give it a try and my first taste of it was like heaven! I was glad that I chose the right combination of blueberry and cheesecake and since then that's what I choose for my toppings. 
Trying new food label or brand is easier if you get I right? So I tend to buy vouchers giving away up to 50% discount on products. I bought 4 vouchers of california berry at ensogo:
Only P65 on a Medium-sized California Berry Yogurt (plain or seasonal flavor) with 3 toppings at California Berry, multiple branches (valued at P130)
Sounds like a good deal right? So I bought it to see if this could match White Hat. First visit, they don't have plain yogurt so I was forced to eat the coffee flavor so I chose to add choco bits…