Sunday, May 4, 2014

Get A Taste of Hong Kong at Eat Fresh Restaurant

Holy Week is all about fasting, but it is really hard to do that when the food in front of you is tempting. Every Holy Thursday, it has been a family tradition to go on a Visita Iglesia. For those who don't know what that is, it is a religious practice of visiting at least seven churches and praying the Stations of the Cross. When we were younger, we used to visit like 14 churches and that's quite tiring. Today, it is faster with seven churches and more people are out of town taking advantage of the long weekend.
After Visita Iglesia, with sadly a few family members getting sick because of heat and exhaustion, the rest decided to go to Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food for late dinner. It was located along J.Abad Santos Street in San Juan near Xavier School and Wilson.
From the outside, you wouldn't think that it is a restaurant because people choose the Hong Kong street food on stick displayed in front.
I thought you would have to wait until they grill the food and eat them standing up just like the typical isawan or barbecuhan in U.P. 
There are some people though who just wait in front and take out their food. In our case, we want to dine in so we stayed inside the canteen-like restaurant. It had a cozy atmosphere and the owner greeted us with a smile before we left.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take much photos of the food because they disappeared 
I was able to take a photo of the Yakitori which was worth P95 for two sticks. I think it was a bit overgrilled because it made the meat tough and rubbery.
Next up was the Laksa Soup in Steam Boat, worth P180. This is probably the best Laksa I've tasted here in the Philippines. Since I haven't been to Hong Kong, I wouldn't know if this really captured its authentic flavor. But my sis' hubby and nephew, who have been to HK several times told me that it was really good. If you love spicy food, then this is a real treat! The soup is thick and not oily or watery. The noodles are firm like it was freshly made and the bean sprouts added a bit of crunch to it. Actually, just thinking about it makes me want to go to Eat Fresh again. 
One thing I also enjoyed about restaurants are the condiments and they have quite a few to choose from, which pleased me a lot. You can try each of them and see what works best for each dish. 

Those who are looking for authentic Hong Kong street food experience should definitely visit Eat Fresh. It is rare to find a resto like that here so it is a must to check this out. Here is their menu


  1. Uy! Masarap dyan! Try mo yung buttered chicken nila..sulit talaga!

  2. That's my fave resto cos I just live in San Juan...lucky me :)

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