Monday, August 8, 2011

Smiley's Wings & Waffle is not something to Smile About

I bought 2 vouchers at Smiley's Wings & Waffle because the menu I saw in their website looked really yummy...
I have been trying to find the perfect timing to go there and it happened when I had a huge craving for wings and waffles so I decided to walk with my colleague to Robinson's Galleria to try it out and instead of just having it taken out, we decided to dine in their small kiosk at the 3rd level...
The stall looks nice and the pictures look really tempting..

Since my voucher is P100 and it is for worth P200... we decided to order the Smiley's Meal which is worth P99 consists of 2-piece chicken wings and a waffle
I ordered the really spicy one and choco chip waffle
And my friend got a cheesy garlic chicken and banana waffle...
Guess what? All they did was to cut the small wings into 2 to make it a 2-piece chicken and dipped it into a sauce...the chicken itself is not really that tasty because the sauce hides its real taste. I do like the choco chip waffle but there is nothing exceptional about that either.
Since we are both hungry...we end up cleaning up the plate in just a few minutes. For the price of 99 per meal I think it is too much...maybe if they lowered it to 50, then it would be fine or if they want to retain the price then they should make the servings bigger and the food tastier.
Here is the menu for those who are interested and its website

Since I still got another voucher left for this...hmmm...I wonder what I should order next...Thank God for vouchers because I don't have to spend a lot to try new food :)

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  1. maliit nga yung wings nila and nothing special about it pero yung waffles masarap lalo na pag bagong luto