Monday, October 31, 2011

The best voucher deal at Barrio Fiesta

When I saw the voucher deal at metrodeal about Barrio Fiesta that says...
P490 instead of P1005 for a Delicious Whole Chicken & Seafood Paella Rice and 1.5L Coke at Barrio Fiesta Good for 4 People
I was tempted to buy one so I clicked it even if I still don't have money yet because the deadline for the payment is around 2 days before my payday. When I checked it online again, I saw that it was extended so I was lucky to get a voucher! This is meant for me!

I used it to treat my mom on her birthday and I didn't reveal it to her until the last minute. She was worried as to how I would treat her because she knows money is kinda tight for me lately but I wanted to surprise her. She invited over a close friend so the food was really too much for us since it is good for 4 and the fourth person is my 3-year old. 

The chicken can pass as a Max's Fried Chicken if only they would have used Jufran ketchup but its good enough.
When I saw the seafood paella, I was ecstatic because the serving was big and there are lots of seafoods on top. I was expecting more of rice rather than seafoods but they are pretty equal. 
It was good but a little dry. I prefer the kind of paella that is sticky and tasty with a little oil drippings. For the drinks, we got a litro of coke which we never finished cos were not huge coke drinkers.
I checked the price for each meal and it was 400 plus each so it is like buying one meal for another meal which is worth it! A lot of people used that voucher that day and all of them seem satisfied. 
THANK GOD for vouchers, people who have a tight budget can still celebrate and eat good food! 

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  1. voucher addict din ako! hahaha..nakabili din ako nyan and ok naman food nila. sulit talaga ang 490. ako, asawa ko at 3 kong anak so lima sakto lang sya di lang pang apat.

  2. yes! specially now christmas is coming..naku! dami great deals sa mga online voucher websites..ubos bonus nyan..hahaha

  3. meron na naman sila ganyan promo! cmon girls and lets start buying :)