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Mother's Day Celeb Take Two At Tokyo Bubble Tea

I know this blog is long overdue, but finally found time to write what happened last Mother's Day. Looking for a perfect place to have Mother's Day dinner is not that easy, especially when all the nice restaurants are already packed with people. After hearing mass at Trinoma, I asked my mom where she wanted to have dinner. She chose Tokyo Bubble Tea because we ate there before and she was satisfied with the food plus there aren't much people in that resto yet. 

We were asked to stay in this 2-seater area and they just added one chair for my kid. While thinking of what to order, the waiter served us glasses of water. Guess what happened? He spilled a glass filled with water on my mom's clothes. Everyone looked at us and I was really pissed because I felt sorry for my mom, but she was calm and asked me to just forget about it.

I was thinking of posting a photo of my mom to show everyone what the waiter did to her, but I decided not to anymore. Instead, here's the phot…