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Im Proud of Being A Solo Parent!

There has been an increase in solo parents nowadays and I am glad that society is learning to love them instead of crucifying them. During the early years, couples were forced to remain married for the sake of their kids even if the love wasn't there anymore or they get treated bad by their partner even to the point of hurting them emotionally and physically. First reason is that they want to avoid the rumors and hear people say stuff that can ruin their reputation. Second is to protect their kids from being tortured in school by bullies who keep on teasing them that they come from a broken family. I totally understand how they feel that's why they opt to stay together even if they are miserable. You should be happy and in love when you are in a relationship so if that is not how you feel, then why torture yourself by staying together? We have followed the trend in the US where people get a divorce if things don't work out. Seeing our fave celebrities and top personalities go through divorce have given us the guts to leave our partner. If they can do it, then so can I. These celebs have become an inspiration to them and gave them the courage to face the truth, let go and move on to a brighter future. I have a lot of friends who have divorced their husband or left their boyfriend to take full responsibility of their kids. I am for one is also a solo parent so I can share their sentiments. I would rather take care of my kid on my own and be at peace rather than have a lot of headaches and heart aches. It is hard to raise a kid when you are not mentally and emotionally stable. Am I right? Instead of focusing your time and energy on someone worthless then spend it more on your kid. Play together, travel together, grow old together. Seeing your kid happy and healthy is worth all the sacrifice. I am happy that the society is finally showing a lot of support to solo parents. I am a witness to that, having friends and family around me who support me in my journey as a mother. But not all are as lucky as me since there are parents who got no family and friends to be there for them in time of need. That is why I am glad that the government finally noticed the hardships and sacrifices that the solo parents face in raising a kid. I was able to use my solo parent leave, which is equivalent to 7 additional leaves and that is a big help especially when my kid gets sick. But not all parents work so this makes no difference to them. I recently read a news that a bill was filed by Representative Carol Jayne Lopez of You Against Corruption and Poverty (Yacap) which seeks to give single parents 20 percent discount on milk, medicine products, diapers and other infant items. Now this is what I have been waiting for! Hearing that has finally made me feel special and loved which all solo parents look for. I just wish that they would speed this up so that solo parents like me won't have to suffer that much anymore and instead spend more happy times with our kids. By the way, if I become a lawyer or a representative, I would also pass a bill that would penalize or put to jail all guys or girls that would abandon their kids or pregnant partner without giving support. LOL. That would make them think twice before making babies. Don't you think so? This might just be the perfect solution for birth control.


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