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Teresita's Halo-Halo and Palabok: Perfect Pinoy Merienda

My mom always brags to me how delicious the halo-halo is at Teresita's that's why I decided to give it a try after a hectic Saturday of hopping from Waltermart to Trinoma and back to Waltermart again. I was supertired, hot and thirsty so the perfect snack would be halo-halo.
Teresita's of San Fernando is located at the ground floor of Waltermart in North Edsa. It is near the entrance and supermarket which makes it hard to miss. Parents can also relax there while kids play at the nearby mini-play area. 

We ordered 2 regular halo-halo which is worth P85/each and palabok worth P85 too. 
I was expecting to get the typical halo-halo with 8 to 10 ingredients, but was surprised to just get three main ingredients which are sweetened banana, macapuno and leche flan plus milk and ice of course. It was all new to me so I was not satisfied at first. I was waiting for the crunch of the pinipig but there was none. As I eat it, I started to enjoy the smoothness of the texture and the natural sweetness. Now it makes me want to try it again because I long for the unique halo-halo taste. 
The palabok is good, but I would not say it is exceptional. My  picky kid was able to eat it so it must be good for him. I prefer the palabok to have lots of garlic and toppings like shrimp, squid and chicharon on top so I was not truly satisfied. My score for this is average.
TRIVIA: I have read somewhere that Teresita's of San Fernando is the sister company of Teresita R. Razon's or more commonly known as Razon's Halo-Halo and Palabok. Teresita's is being managed by the sons of Mrs. Razon and offers the same specialty as Razon's: their authentic Pampangeno halo-halo which gained many cult followers including my mom...I wonder when I would get converted...hmmm...Gosh! I think I want one right now!

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  1. I did not know teresitas is the same as razons. i crave for razons all the time so i should definitely try this one since i see a branch in tomas morato.

  2. mas marami yung laman sa teresita's kesa sa razons kaya mas masarap!

  3. shucks! im drooling right now and want halo halo from teresitas

  4. I want I want I want!!!

    1. Me too! each time I look at the halo-halo pic...I start craving for it :)

  5. Tnx po for the compliments! : )--ryan razon

    1. Ur welcome! I hope there would be a branch soon in Circle C or Cherry at Congressional Ave. or at Wilcon City Center Visayas Ave cos im closer to those places :)

  6. i want that halo halo right now! lol


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