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Best Apple Pie in the Philippines

I am not really a big fan of apple pies, but when I tasted the apple pie in A La Diane things have changed. My family and I used to go to National Bookstore in Quezon Avenue when I was still a kid to buy stuff for school while my dad buys some fresh fruits across National and my mom buys groceries at Tropical Hut. After buying school supplies, we relax and have our fave snack at this tiny restaurant beside National Bookstore called A La Diane. I thought it was a foreign owned restaurant since they serve pasta and different desserts, but it was owned by Filipinos. I really crave for their home made chocolates which I handpick and weighed in per gram. I love digging in my white paper bag filled with macadamia nuts coated with chocolate...yummy! I also can't forget the moment my tongue tasted the warm apple pie with butterscotch sauce drizzled over it. Oh wow! It's like eating freshly baked apple pie all the time. Too bad that A La Diane relocated and it was nowhere to be found. Years had passed before I was able to take a taste of the best apple pie here in the Philippines. My sister surprised me one time with a box of apple pie from A La Diane and it made me feel like a kid again remembering the good old times I spent with my family in that tiny resto. I took a big slice of the pie and added some butterscotch before I placed it in the microwave. Oh yes! Here comes the first bite and it definitely placed a big smile on my face. I can't wait to get another box of that apple pie again and now I know where to find A La Diane. The small box worth 300 pesos is surely worth it. You can check out A La Diane in their new store at Sto. Domingo St. cor. Sta. Catalina St., Quezon City.


  1. i rarely order this but i like the one from Banapple! try S&R's apple pie too

    1. ok thanks! i will try that soon but need to borrow the membership card of my sister first..LOL


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