Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Addicted to Online Discount Deals

Let us all admit that we are suckers for discounts and sales! Everyone rushes to the mall every time they find out that there is a big sale going on. Eyes popping out seeing the big 50% and 70% off on all items. Buying loads of stuff that we later on won't be using and end up stocked in our closet. I was guilty of that, but since times are tough nowadays, I have learned to control my urges and end up hating the crowded big sale...gosh! I think I am getting older. I discovered a new way of shopping and that is online. The Buy and Sell and Sulit.com was a big hit, but it is not that really pleasing to the eyes and there are also lots of bogus sellers there. My sister gave me a voucher to active fun which I used for my kid and thought that it was cool handing out a piece of paper instead of money. I got curious and checked out Ensogo and my eyes lit up seeing all the great discounts there. Just a few months later, other online discount deals websites popped out like mushrooms. I spent almost 2 hours checking out the deals in different websites before starting to work and this not a really good habit. I bought vouchers for cheesecake etc. and was tempted to buy more, but I tried to control myself from getting addicted to it. I was glad I don't have a credit card so going to the bank to deposit is still a hassle. For those who want to give online shopping a shot, here is a list of the websites that gives out cool deals.

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