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Getting Addicted to Online Discount Deals

Let us all admit that we are suckers for discounts and sales! Everyone rushes to the mall every time they find out that there is a big sale going on. Eyes popping out seeing the big 50% and 70% off on all items. Buying loads of stuff that we later on won't be using and end up stocked in our closet. I was guilty of that, but since times are tough nowadays, I have learned to control my urges and end up hating the crowded big sale...gosh! I think I am getting older. I discovered a new way of shopping and that is online. The Buy and Sell and was a big hit, but it is not that really pleasing to the eyes and there are also lots of bogus sellers there. My sister gave me a voucher to active fun which I used for my kid and thought that it was cool handing out a piece of paper instead of money. I got curious and checked out Ensogo and my eyes lit up seeing all the great discounts there. Just a few months later, other online discount deals websites popped out like mushrooms. I spent almost 2 hours checking out the deals in different websites before starting to work and this not a really good habit. I bought vouchers for cheesecake etc. and was tempted to buy more, but I tried to control myself from getting addicted to it. I was glad I don't have a credit card so going to the bank to deposit is still a hassle. For those who want to give online shopping a shot, here is a list of the websites that gives out cool deals.


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MyHealth Clinic Takes Care of My Health

Getting sick is a real pain in the *** but to wait for a long queue in discomfort and end up with a list of expensive medicines to  buy would definitely make anyone feel more sick! I was glad I have a health card from work so that lessens my worry about the check up and laboratory expenses. I usually go to Medical City Clinic in Trinoma and Waltermart for the check-up but my experience there was not really that good especially in Waltermart, Munoz. The nurses there and attendants seem so laid back (which is a better term for being lazy) and busy chatting with each other. I waited for a long time (around 30 min.) just to have my Maxicare approved and after that I went to the nurse's station to give my papers but the girl was busy on her phone so the guy beside her placed my paper on her table and told me to wait for my name to be called. So I waited for my name to be called and it was almost an hour. I was really wondering why it would take that long just to have my blood extracted…

Ampalaya (Bitter Melon) Salad

Ampalaya (Eng: bitter melon)is hated by many because of its bitter taste. It is rare to find a kid eating ampalaya and even only a few adults would dare ate this vegetable. I think the first time I ate ampalaya was in grade school when we were asked by our teacher to eat it since it signifies the bitter herb mentioned in the Bible. Now that I am all grown up and enjoy eating all kinds of food, I happen to love ampalaya. My former colleague brought ampalaya salad  at work and it was good! You won't taste its bitternes so I asked her how she did it. I made it at home and mom liked it, but my sister did not because she said it was still bitter. FAIL! 
As years go by, I think I have finally perfected making the not-so-bitter Ampalaya (Bitter Melon) Salad. I am going to share this to those who love this green veggie and the first-timers who dare to taste it.


3 tomatoes chopped into medium pieces
1 white onion chopped into small pieces
2 salted red eggs (itlog na maalat/pula) ch…

Pork Steak with Onion and Gravy Sauce

Since Beef are more expensive than Pork, I end up buying Pork Steak rather than Beef Steak for lunch. I am going to share this easy recipe that both kids and adults would love called "Pork Steak with Onion and Gravy Sauce". There are two ways of preparing this dish: 
First: You can bread the pork steak, fry it and then cook the sauce separately before smothering them on the fried pork steak. 
Second: I chose this version because my kid have a hard time chewing meat so I need to make sure that the pork is really tender. Here is my simple recipe: 

1/2 kilo of Pork Steak (marinated in calamansi, soy sauce and pepper)
2 large onions (sliced thinly)
Instant Gravy (dissolved in water)
Pork drippings from the boiled pork
1 tablespoon butter


1. Add 1 cup of water on the marinated Pork Steak, then boil it for approximately 30 minutes or until the pork is tender. Make sure to check it from time to time to avoid the meat from getting dried up. Add water if needed.

2. Remo…