Friday, July 15, 2011

Instant Karma! (My confession and my manicure)

Do you believe in instant karma? 
I was all set for a confession because my mom required me to get one for the baptismal in a religious group...I was hesitant and skeptical at first...But I think it was the perfect time to cleanse my soul...My partner in crime decided to join me in time for her birthday...So we headed to one of the country's most important churches...
Even before we got to EDSA Shrine, we received good news from GOD!
FREE Manicure at the new MICH & MYL Nail Shop
After confessing face-to-face to an Indian priest...
Me and my P.I.C. got our INSTANT GOOD KARMA
My fingernails are about to get de-virginized and I am ready for that!
The petite shop has a cute design which reminded me of cotton candies
We placed our feet up while waiting to get our nails done...
definitely relaxing after walking for sometime

I had a hard time choosing what color I should get and ended up getting grey which I later on realized that it looked like I dipped my fingers in cement...

The women in pink started working on our fingers gently...  



          The nail job started to make me sleepy so  I end up tinkering with my phone or whatever stuff I get my hands on while my P.I.C. got busy reading magazines and taking some pics...

Mine took longer because of my virgin nails, but it was all worth it...I just wish I had more time to get that extra massage..
But hey! it's free so no more complaining!!!


After showing off our new colored nails, it is time to go back to work...BUT I really felt accomplished and happy that day.

Mich & Myl Nails is located at Unit 107 Grand Emerald Tower Garnet/Emerald Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City 
Store Hours: 10am to 9pm
Tel no: (02) 5849-549
classic manicure: 180
french manicure: 200
express manicure: 100
classic pedicure: 200
french pedicure: 220
express manicure: 120
For Kids:
little star/ little rockstar manicure: 100
little star/ little rockstar pedicure: 150
They also have other services like 3D design, nail art, foot spa and more so call them if you have any inquiries.

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