Friday, September 9, 2011

Crazy Crepe: Why are people crazy about it?

I was in trinoma just a few days ago accompanying my mom at medical city for her check up...all that waiting had made me hungry so we  had dinner first and after that I took my kid to toy we were walking back to the food area in the second floor...I spotted on Crazy Crepes and seeing all those mouth-watering crepes displays had made me want to try it out...

I ordered the Mango Caramel Vanilla because my kid loves mangoes and it has caramel, ice cream and cornflakes too...oh yes! it was good...

My only problem is that it is not placed on a plate even if I want to eat it there and the crepe is not that warm unlike when you order at Cafe Breton...but for that price it is already fine with me
TRIVIA: Crazy Crepes was a big hit in JAPAN! Check out this website to know more about this new craze dessert
Next time I am going to order the one in the big cup so it would be easier to eat...although it is just ice cream and cornflakes i think...

Here is an update on my last visit at crazy crepe...i ordered banana split and it was a BIG disappointment! 
There were 3 small scoops of ice cream on top and look in the middle...its all banana and whipped cream...ewww!
That really drove me crazy not in a good way but a bad way...sorry but this made me not want to go back there aside from the inconvenience of eating crepe in a paper..LOL

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  1. YESS! I also love crazy crepes. I think they should definitely serve it on a plate cos its messy to eat..HAHA

  2. I love crazy crepe maybe because of the choices of fruits and fillings. never tried the banana split so thanks for giving me that tip.

  3. I tried their mango with cookies and cream crepe after work and it was really good :) I warned my officemates not to order the banana split..hahaha. They ordered the mango with vanilla ice cream while the other one got the nutty banana.