Friday, July 13, 2012

Alfredo's Steak House Does Not Sizzle Anymore

It was a rainy day...I barely spent 15 minutes at home after a long day at work...with a bad headache...I felt like I just wanted to sleep...but family is more important to we went to Alfredo's Steak House in Tomas Morato to meet-up with my sister and her family because it was her birthday. I was glad it was just near our place and traffic was not that bad for a Friday night. The last time I was at Alfredo's Steak House was when I was still small...maybe more than 20 years ago...oops! now I gave out a clue on my age. As far as I can remember, Alfredo's steaks are really delicious, tasty and satisfyin. But that was years ago so it is like remembering how Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Cookies taste like...Yummy! this was my favorite cookie when I was in grade school...I can still remember the softness and chewiness...Do they still sell this?
I was excited to see if the Alfredo's I knew before was still the same. The place looked the same with the Western-style theme. There are huge carriage wheels on the ceiling...pardon for the bad pictures...
My kid sat on a high chair...he barely fit in it because he was tall but he managed to sit comfortably...
We waited for about 30 mins to an hour for our my kid got impatient and asked me to take him to the restroom. Having a comfortable and well-equipped restroom is essential for running a high-end restaurant so I expected a lot from it. 

There's a hand-drier (the little girl removed the plug after she used it...glad she did not get grounded), bidet, toilet paper and hand soap. I suggest that they use a liquid soap so it won't be messy. It grosses me out using a hand soap used by a stranger. I also hope they have a lower sink for kids because my kid had a hard time washing his hands.

Dinner finally arrived! I did not hear the steak sizzle and see any smoke coming from the hot plate when they served it. My sister asked the waiter to change the plate because her food was cold...maybe it was left at the serving area for a long time and they totally forgot to give it. The other steak they served was piping hot so her hubby was satisfied with that.
We also ordered grilled blue marlin, fish and chips, BBQ shrimp on horseback (dunno why they called it horseback) and steak/chicken meal. My mom told me that her blue marlin was cold and my shrimp was also cold but I still ate it because I was hungry.

The shrimp was reasonably priced. It is worth P350 and consists of 2 sticks of shrimp kebab with side salad and rice. The others I think are quite expensive and to eat them cold is a huge turn off. I don't think I would eat there again unless it is for free of course.
Check out Alfredo's Steak House Menu (warning: not advisable for the low budget me..hehehe)

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  1. "Alfredo's Steak House Does Not Sizzle Anymore.." Thought so. Few of my friends went there just last week, too. They told me Alfredo's not the same as before. Too bad, though. It's like one of my faves. :( I adore their food, service, and don't get me wrong - I like even their comfort room with bidet. Coz not all restaurants have one, right? :P

    1. Totally agree with you. It is a big plus for me especially for kids who need to poop..hehehe :)

  2. old school ang Alfredo's and the service is the same..LOL

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  4. Playgroup Singapore Kids always wants cookies :D even when grown up


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