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The Aristocrat Restaurant is Well-Loved by Pinoys

The Aristocrat Restaurant is well-loved by many Filipinos. It became part of the the Philippine tradition wherein most families celebrate special occasions in that restaurant including birthdays, weddings, christening and graduation. It brings back good memories because I remember me and my family dining at The Aristocrat branch in Roxas Boulevard facing Luneta, which I think is their first branch. I am sure I am not the only one who had wonderful childhood memories at The Aristocrat because you could see most OFW workers or Balikbayans requesting their families to take them to that restaurant each time they visit the Philippines. It was my mom's 67th birthday and my sister's hubby treated her (including us) for dinner at The Aristocrat branch in SM The Block. 
The restaurant was packed and you could see that most of the people dining there were lolos (grandfather) and lolas (grandmother) together with their families.  
Their menu is mainly Filipino that's why it appeals to …

Pork Steak with Onion and Gravy Sauce

Since Beef are more expensive than Pork, I end up buying Pork Steak rather than Beef Steak for lunch. I am going to share this easy recipe that both kids and adults would love called "Pork Steak with Onion and Gravy Sauce". There are two ways of preparing this dish: 
First: You can bread the pork steak, fry it and then cook the sauce separately before smothering them on the fried pork steak. 
Second: I chose this version because my kid have a hard time chewing meat so I need to make sure that the pork is really tender. Here is my simple recipe: 

1/2 kilo of Pork Steak (marinated in calamansi, soy sauce and pepper)
2 large onions (sliced thinly)
Instant Gravy (dissolved in water)
Pork drippings from the boiled pork
1 tablespoon butter


1. Add 1 cup of water on the marinated Pork Steak, then boil it for approximately 30 minutes or until the pork is tender. Make sure to check it from time to time to avoid the meat from getting dried up. Add water if needed.

2. Remo…

Big Better Burgers: Is it Really Better?

Big Better Burgers...the name itself would make you want to try their burgers since they claim that they have big and better burgers. Me and my kid decided to have dinner at Big Better Burgers located at the 2nd floor of Wilcon City Center, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. I think it was my first time to eat at Big Better Burgers or I might have already in the past, but can't remember. 
The restaurant is quite small with only four sets of 4-seater tables and 2 outside. The available table was still cluttered when we sat there so I called the girl at the counter to have it cleaned up. I think they are undermanned because the girl on the counter was the only one taking the order of all the guests so you have to wait for your turn. She also serves the meals and also clean the tables. Since she was in a hurry, the table was still wet so we cleaned it up with tissue. There was also a small fly inside the resto, but i killed it...sorry fly  : (
My O.C. kid asked me to fix the condiments becau…