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Big Better Burgers: Is it Really Better?

Big Better Burgers...the name itself would make you want to try their burgers since they claim that they have big and better burgers. Me and my kid decided to have dinner at Big Better Burgers located at the 2nd floor of Wilcon City Center, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. I think it was my first time to eat at Big Better Burgers or I might have already in the past, but can't remember. 
The restaurant is quite small with only four sets of 4-seater tables and 2 outside. The available table was still cluttered when we sat there so I called the girl at the counter to have it cleaned up. I think they are undermanned because the girl on the counter was the only one taking the order of all the guests so you have to wait for your turn. She also serves the meals and also clean the tables. Since she was in a hurry, the table was still wet so we cleaned it up with tissue. There was also a small fly inside the resto, but i killed it...sorry fly  : (
My O.C. kid asked me to fix the condiments because they were all open...maybe the girl forgot to fix it too since she was tending to all the customers...refilling iced tea, following up orders...etc.
I ordered the BBB Value Meal and Meatball Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce for my kid since he likes spaghetti. The BBB Value Meal is worth P140 and consists of quarter pound grilled  burger with mayo, cheese and veggies plus french fries and iced tea.    

I really loved the was tasty and juicy. No need to add more condiments because the burger is already oozing with mayo. The fries is good and my kid liked it a lot. He ate only a little of the burger because he has a toothache and can't chew well. The iced tea seems diluted and it is not refillable so it is like drinking a pale iced tea. The price of the BBB Value Meal is okay.
The Spaghetti with Meatball and Fresh Tomato Sauce is worth P122, which I think is too much for its price because the serving is not that big. The meatballs are quite tough and the center area seem to be not that cooked well so I cut it really small so that my kid can eat it. He only finished one meatball. I gave him spaghetti with little tomato sauce because he said it was spicy. I tasted it and yep...he was right. I love spicy food so it isn't really a problem for me, but my kid did not like it. I felt bad because he was not able to eat that much. We took home half of the spaghetti and I tried feeding it to him again...maybe he forgot that it was spicy so he ate a little and again told me it's spicy..LOL. Can't fool a kid. 
Now I know what to order next time I eat at Big Better Burgers and if you ask me if their burger was really bigger and better? I need to try more burger outlets to compare that, but I have tasted even bigger and better burgers in the past. 
Here is the Big Better Burgers Menu. The prices there are not updated though like the Spaghetti with Meatballs. 

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  1. i really like their burgers and that's the only thing i order from them. good thing you told me about the pasta coz i was supposed to order that last time we went there.

  2. yuck! may buti na lang masarap burger dyan kundi bad trip talaga.

  3. Before October ends, i will try this food chain. I trust your tastes. :-)

    1. yep. lapit lang sa inyo yan..hehehe...kaso don't order the pasta.


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