Monday, October 29, 2012

The Aristocrat Restaurant is Well-Loved by Pinoys

The Aristocrat Restaurant is well-loved by many Filipinos. It became part of the the Philippine tradition wherein most families celebrate special occasions in that restaurant including birthdays, weddings, christening and graduation. It brings back good memories because I remember me and my family dining at The Aristocrat branch in Roxas Boulevard facing Luneta, which I think is their first branch. I am sure I am not the only one who had wonderful childhood memories at The Aristocrat because you could see most OFW workers or Balikbayans requesting their families to take them to that restaurant each time they visit the Philippines. It was my mom's 67th birthday and my sister's hubby treated her (including us) for dinner at The Aristocrat branch in SM The Block. 
The restaurant was packed and you could see that most of the people dining there were lolos (grandfather) and lolas (grandmother) together with their families.  
Their menu is mainly Filipino that's why it appeals to the older generation. 
They also have a high chair and I was glad my tall 4-year old son was able to fit in that so he was able to dine more comfortably. He even removed his shoes and waved his feet all over...LOL...too much feeling at home is also not nice.
The Aristocrat is famous for their chicken barbecue that's why we all ordered that. My mom ordered the 3-pc Chicken Barbecue worth P195. It was served with Java rice, Java sauce and atchara. I remember it was cheaper way back then so I was quite surprised with its current price. The chicken cuts are not that huge compared to the chicken barbecue I ordered at Serye but that was worth P280 so when it comes to price, The Aristocrat is more reasonable. The marinated chicken was tasty and the rice is delicious.
I ordered the Boneless Chicken Barbecue worth P170 and also served with Java rice, Java sauce and atchara. The marinated chicken was soft and tasty that's why my kid was able to chew it well. There was a huge portion of chicken skin which I was not able to eat because it was oily. I only eat crispy fried chicken skin and not soft and greasy ones. I hope that they would be more generous with the atchara and also provide a bottle of the Java sauce rather than sachets of it...not environment-friendly!
Birthdays won't be complete without ordering noodles, which symbolizes long life. We ordered Pancit Canton worth P350. It has seafood, meat, veggies and even meatballs...kinda strange to see that in a pancit. I did not like the taste of the was too bland for me. 
My overall dining experience at The Aristocrat Restaurant was good. I did enjoy the chicken barbecue, but they could improve on that such as lessening the chicken skin on the boneless chicken and being more generous with the atchara and Java sauce. I was unhappy with the pancit and I think it was too expensive too. Everything was quite pricey, but since they have been in the business for more than 75 years...they have every right to increase their price unlike other Filipino restaurants that demand a huge price without proving themselves first. Despite of being a little pricey, Filipinos still can't resist The Aristocrat and will continue to crave for their specialties. Be prepared to spend around P250 to P300 per head at The Aristocrat. Here is the Aristocrat Menu for your reference.

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  1. Classic ang Aristocrat resto sa may harap ng Luneta! Lagi pa rin ako dun kumakain lalo na pag linggo..di na maaalis sa mga Pilipino yan

  2. this is my lolo's favorite restaurant so each time we go back to the Philippines, we make sure to eat there.