Friday, June 28, 2013

4 Fingers: Another BonChon?

From Korea to the Philippines, the BonChon craze is here to stay as more Filipinos go crazy over this tasty, crunchy, fried chicken. Because of its popularity, other BonChon-inspired restaurants emerged on the dining scene including Philippine pride Manang's Chicken and the newly-opened 4 Fingers. I did a little research about this restaurant and found out that its first branch is in Singapore, but now it has several branches in the Philippines and Indonesia. I thought it was a US-based company because of the interiors of the restaurant. You will feel like you're in New York because of the music, graffiti, and pipes on the ceiling. 

We ate at the North Edsa branch, which is located at the ground floor beside National Bookstore so it is easy to find. My sister gave me a voucher worth P300 of food, isn't it nice eating for free? Aside from the Korean-style chicken, there are other choices in the menu like Chicken Burger, Calamari, and Salad. 
We ordered the 2-piece Drumstick Rice Box Meal worth P149 each and that already included rice and drink. I just ordered extra rice because I shared mine with my son (typical mommy-saving move). 

The chicken was delicious, tasty, and crunchy, but it would have been better if it was bigger. For its price, it's surely worth it, but BonChon is cheaper by 4 pesos and it's a well-known restaurant. They should have at least matched the price, or better yet made it cheaper or added some side-dish to their boxed meal. 
I really don't know why Korean-style fried chicken is this good...aside from frying it twice, maybe they added a secret ingredient like the 5 fingers...I mean 4 fingers :) 

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  1. I really love the food in BonChon especially their chicken. :)

    1. you should try Manang's Chicken and 4 Fingers...almost same taste :)