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Blue Experience at Blue Elements Spa

I have been waiting for this moment...and that is to get some pampering. I bought a voucher at cashcashpinoy months ago for Blue Elements Spa & Wellness Center worth P260 and that includes 1 hour massage (swedish, thai or shiatsu) + foot spa + manicure or pedicure. I think it is a pretty good deal and the location along congressional avenue is very convenient for me. 
It was my birthday so that is the perfect time to use that! I texted the two numbers on the ad to set a schedule for that day but got no reply so I just decided to go there. When I got there, no one was at the reception so I waited til someone came out and she told me that the reception did not go to work that day, but still she should reply to customers. 

They asked me to come in and I think they were more surprised than me because I saw around 3 masseuse chilling on the couch of the foot spa area but they hurriedly left the room to accommodate me. 
The foot spa was relaxing but the place was kinda hot maybe because they just opened the air-conditioning. I was also bothered by the noise of the trucks and cars passing by because that room is situated beside the main road. I was expecting to hear some soothing sound like tide, rain or whatever. So I was forced to chat with the lady giving me a foot massage and cleaning my nails. 

Finally there was music but it is not suited for the theme of the spa. They played love songs or ballads which isn't really my type. 
I was busy surfing on my phone that I did not realize the lady pierced my small skin allergy while cleaning my nails...I saw a cotton pressed on my pinky finger to stop the blood and she said I should have it checked by the derma. Sheesh no sorry ma'am? 
 Oh well! Hope the massage would be good, but when the thin girl who acted as a receptionist called me I was surprised and said "Ikaw ba talaga?" and she said "Ano po gusto nyo na massage?", I said "Hard. Kaya mo ba?"..of course she said yes. I even made a comment that "All-around ka pala dito" the other staff laughed because they do all sorts of stuff from massage and foot spa to manicure and pedicure. Requirement is to know it all! 
It was kinda dark so I was not able to take clear pics but basically it is like an array of beds with curtain covers.I got my own small space where they lent me shorts so I changed into that and laid down. She got a hard hand but I the massage is not consistent because the only area she worked on well are my legs and feet...the back lacks some force....but my legs and feet did hurt a lot which I like! haha
I was really irritated by some people poking inside my room while I was getting a massage. I think it happened twice...first was this girl asking my masseuse something and then this dude masseuse that just took a peek and closed it immediately! I was glad that the only thing exposed on me was my arm. 
After that I got some complimentary tea and a red envelope for tip (guess what? of course no tip because of the bad service and peeping toms!) 
Maybe I just had a bad day, but I won't definitely go back there for regular price.  If there is another voucher that gives 50% off, then I might consider basically because there are no other spa near our place. 
Here are their rates if anyone is interested: 

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  1. glad i read this cos i was supposed to buy here..saw it on a website so i wont na lang. grabe naman nanugat pa ng daliri.

  2. ok naman yung nag massage sakin dito baka na timingan lang na di marunong yung napunta sayo..hahaha

  3. I always see Blue Elements along Congressional and I really don't like the idea that it was only separated by curtains. I prefer getting a massage in a small room.

  4. they should also make it clear that CASH VOUCHERS HAVE LEAST PRIORITY.
    we called them for a reservation and everything seemed to be fine until
    we mentioned the word "VOUCHER".
    all of a sudden they were fully booked with TWO client reservations.
    the weird thing is they mentioned that they are still ok with walk-ins, but not with vouchers (huh?).
    the reason they gave was - they didn't want run out of on-duty staff.

    Dear Blue Elements Spa,

    Your voucher is not free.
    There are no stipulations upon it's PURCHASE that its holders will be treated with least priority.
    You are the ones who have initiated and agreed to this form of marketing.
    Your voucher is not free.
    Please stop being too greedy before someone reports you to the Department of Trade and Industry.

    Thank You.

    1. Gosh! Your experience was worse than mine. I was glad I came there early so they have no reason not to accommodate me but i wont go back there again! This is their chance to gain new customers but instead they lost a lot. You should have complained to where you bought the voucher regarding your experience so that they wont make a deal with Blue Elements anymore.

    2. Yes, I agree with you on this observation. We also encountered the poor Customer Service in redeeming our vouchers from CashCash Pinoy. Just so I could get a slot I requested for 3 different dates, and still the lady who answered the phone was hesistant to put us down in their "reservation list". Ayun, nasayang lang kasi I was not able to claim on my preferred dates. The Customer Service is really lamentable. Palpak yung receptionist, walang galang at wala ring PR powers. I wonder why they placed her there. Sayang.

    3. Wow! in demand pala sila if they are fully-booked for 3 different dates..LOL. I always pass by Blue Elements and siguro walang choice yung mga tao living nearby since it has no close competitor. I am not stupid to try their service again...especially when there are other staff peeking inside the massage area which is only divided by shower privacy at all! maybe u were lucky to be spared from further disappointments :)

  5. i was there a few weeks ago. the music sucks and the pillow smells bad. the only consolation was that the person who massaged me was good. i really hope they improve the place music and hygiene-wise


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