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Pinoy Habits

Curiosity killed the cat but HEY! I am still alive. I enjoy observing people and checking out how they act... I got lots of comments and questions that I just keep to myself because that person beside me might think I am crazy if I start talking to myself... although there at times I just can't stop myself from airing out my opinion and talk to the person beside me. 

I have noticed a lot of PINOY HABITS and find them very amusing because it was never taught to every just comes out naturally. Here are some of the things I noticed:

1. Pagpaging the upuan - each time a person goes down of the jeep, the person hits the chair hard two or three times (maybe to take away the dirt) before sliding to that sitting area. 

2. Katokin the bubong - instead of saying "Para", the person knocks on the hood of the jeep and some even do it at the same time (para - katok combi)

3. Slowmo tawid - people here cross the street pretending that they are crossing fast but when you see them cross they are actually running in slow motion. 

4. Excuse me sabay yuko at isang kamay sa harap - Most people here would say excuse me and then stoop down with their right arm pointing towards the direction they are going even if there isn't anything blocking them on site.

5. Unahan sa MRT at iba pa - Pinoys don't like being the last one on the line or being left behind. Someone is still coming out and they are pushing themselves inside already. Even going out, they rush like there is no tomorrow even if they are not really in a hurry. 

6. Lagayan everywhere - there are lots of barkers for the jeep, bus, taxis scattered all over the streets and they keep on asking for a small fee for calling out passengers even if they are parked (mostly for taxis) and they even ask extra from the passengers.

7. Nagkakagulo sa mga free taste/sample - I have witnessed some who would even get into an argument because they said they asked for the sample first. Some would go back and pretend that they never received any sample yet. Guilty? Yes i am. LOL

8. Patake out kahit buto - Leftover take outs are normal for pinoys unlike in other countries who only does that for their dogs. Here we do that for our meal next day and for our dogs too.  

9. Mapiling mga taxi - Most of the taxis here are choosy and they would ask you first where you are heading before letting you in. BAWAL YAN! but still it exists!

10. Walang barya excuse o nabibingihan - I really hate it when I hear "walang barya" (no smaller change) this from trike or jeepney drivers. Usually this is followed by "kakalabas ko lang kce". So now I get a smaller change but this happens mostly with trikes because most jeeps would just not let you pay so FREE RIDE! But there is another tactic being done by jeepney drivers and that is to hold on to your change saying that they still don't have change so it is either you forget all about it and never get your change or once you ask for it they pretend they didn't hear you so you are forced to scream out loud and demand for it. Phew! what a waste of energy. If it is just one peso I just let them have it but they are marked already in my head so I won't let them do it to me twice. That actually happened to me and told them off the second time getting the approval of the passengers. hehe. 

11. Matagal magsakay...ang bilis magbaba - Most drivers are greedy so they wait a long time to fill up their bus or jeep and then once they got all the moolah, they speed it all up and ask you to hurry up when you want to go down.

12. Going to Cubao Farmers so ride Cubao FastLane...NOT! I really don't get the logic of people who are planning to go down in Cubao Farmers and still ride the Cubao fastlane when they know this bus is not allowed to stop there since it should be in the fastlane? I tried to analyze that and maybe when they see fastlane they think they would get to Cubao faster? hmmm

13. Hati sa food at patikim naman - Most pinoys love sharing food but in some other countries it is improper to do that. Expect to see forks dipping in your food when you are with a pinoy.

14. Overloading to the max - Sorry but this is all about greediness again. We had a lot of cases already of accidents caused by overloading being the worse was MV Paz but still you can see them everywhere...I was shocked seeing a trike filled with kids from school around 5 inside, 3 on the riders side and 2 on the hood. 

15. Dapat I-celebrate na yan - Pinoys love to celebrate and they always try to find things and events to celebrate like the birth of their new dog, getting good grades in school, monthsary of their relationship, 3rd month birthday...etc. We have the longest Christmas in the world because we start celebrating when the "ber" months enter. Starting September you can start hearing Christmas songs, decors and countdown of Christmas everywhere. 

These are just a few and I am sure there are more unique habits of filipinos worth knowing about! I LOVE BEING A PINOY...let us just try to change all our bad  habits and we're gonna be uber cool. AYUS! 


  1. only in the

  2. Ahahahahahahah! I can relate to this topic that you made. but, except "Going to Cubao Farmers so ride Cubao FastLane...NOT!." I always travel to school from Taguig to Boni Mandaluyong, morning rush-hour, buses overloading, traffics all over SLEX to EDSA. But, not a reason to be late.

    Badong, Mervin T.


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