Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breakfast at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I was excited to get a breakfast treat from my friend at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. She was bragging to me at how delicious their breakfast was so I was eager to try it even waking up early on my day off. I was still not sure if I will bring my kid with me because he was still sleeping. But I felt guilty because I made a promise the night before that if he behave and sleep early, I will bring him along. My friend still need to finish some work so our breakfast date got delayed for a bit and my kid woke up so I decided to give him a quick bath and bring him along. I was expecting a cool morning weather but it was so hot already for around 9 am. We got to U.P. Ayala Techno Hub and there was not much people there and most restaurants and stores are still closed. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has a nice cozy design and we chose an area with 2 couches and a mini couch suited for my kid. I ordered the bagel with chicken sausages and scrambled eggs while my friend chose bread with salmon and egg. 

Wow! It looks really tempting and has a nice presentation but when I started cutting the bread, I was disappointed because it was as tough as a rock! My kid who had a hard time chewing just ate the eggs which is quite bland for me. The chicken sausage was cold maybe I guess they really serve it that way. I asked for ketchup so I can give my kid the sausage but they said they don't have any ketchup....WTF! First time I went to a restaurant that does not have any ketchup and this is even a high-class coffee shop. I tasted my friend's order and since I was not a big fan of salmon unless it is sushi...I did not like the taste as well. She told me that her bread was also tough. The coffee was really strong so I was not able to drink it at all or else I might end up palpitating so for those who love strong coffee then this coffee shop is for you. The only thing I liked is the small packs of cream cheese and jam. The prunes was the dessert but I think it would be better if they serve fresh fruits and not preserved ones. 
All in all..I was not happy with my breakfast but since I did not pay anything, I need not complain. Now I know where not to have breakfast and spend more than a hundred. 

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  1. I agree with you! I was also asking for catsup but they don't have any so I never ate there again

  2. I like the food at coffee bean and tea leaf plus the coffee is extra strong just the way I like it