Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bistro Miyake Birthday Treat

Finding a place to have that perfect birthday dinner is a huge task for almost everyone because there are a lot of factors to consider: the price...the venue...the food...the serving...and the reputation! I love Japanese food and my former colleague who already ate at this place told me that their serving is big and it is delicious so I took her word for it. The price is expensive but having 4 vouchers (P250 each) for P500 worth of food was worth it! It has a convenient venue and easy to find since Annapolis street is not that long. Bistro Miyake is located at unit 101 Intrawest Bldg, 33 Annapolis St. Greenhills. (Plus the huge sign on top makes it easy to see)
When we got there around 6:30 pm, the sign says it was closed which made me panic a little but I was glad the waiter told me that it was already open. The girl approached me and I told her that I have been calling their number to make a reservation since yesterday but it cannot be reached and she told me that they had a problem with PLDT and accommodated us.
I wanted to stay in that area but it were all reserved already which is not fair because I have been trying to get a reservation but their phone is busted! So we just settled sitting in the middle part with no couch! (bitter me again...LOL)

Our meal started with complimentary hot green tea and dilis

Followed by the nicely presented but expensive sushi and sashimi mania worth P675. It is good for 6 to 8 people but if you are sushiholics it can be consumed by only 3 or 4 people. Tastes fresh and good! 
We ordered Agedashi Tofu, Katsudon (tastes good and not that expensive), Mushroom Trio Yakisoba (which is just fine...nothing extraordinary), Spicy Pork Soba (it is not really that spicy), Beef Yakiniku Don (tastes like beef steak but big serving too), and Ebi Tempura (i think the price increased because we paid almost P500 for this dish and got like 5 pcs of tempura meaning that it costs around P100 per shrimp..whoa!).

My over-all dining experience was good! Staff were friendly and food service was fast (maybe because there were not that much people when we got there). Plus point is an individual bathroom with bidet (my kid had an easy time pooping there...LOL) The only downhill is the price...quite expensive...we paid service charge for the additional orders we made so if you are planning to eat there with your voucher make sure to order just right and not exceed so as not to be charged extra. If I have a lot of moolah then I would certainly go back there again and eat! 
Here is their menu and price but I don't think this is updated.

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  1. wow! the sushi and sashimi platter really looks delicious

  2. I love the food here but it is expensive so I only get to eat during payday or if there's an occasion

  3. Even if Bistro Miyake is expensive, I think it is worth it because the ambiance, service and food are all great! :)

  4. ang ganda naman nung sushi platter nila..parang nakakapanghinayang kainin..LOL