Saturday, December 3, 2011

Unsatisfied with My Second Barrio Fiesta Voucher

It was my birthday and I was stressed out in treating my family and close friends to dinner because I have a tight budget. I was tempted to buy the Barrio Fiesta Voucher offering crispy pata and shanghai rice plus 1.5 litro of coke for only P495. 
I thought it was a good deal and my past experience buying a voucher at Barrio Fiesta was satisfying so I clicked paying online for an instant voucher. 
When we got there, place was packed but was lucky to get a table for 5. I gave them the voucher and decided to make additional orders because my friend decided to treat me by adding sinigang na hipon and my mom is cutting down on pork so I ordered sizzling sisig na bangus. 
The Crispy Pata was good and crunchy but I think for a regular price of almost P500, it is too expensive. There is a small store near our place that sells Crispy Pata with the same size for only P290. As usual, consumers always buys the name and not the food. 

 The Sinigang na Hipon is not a good deal! There were only like 7 shrimps swimming in a big bowl of soup...really deceiving. Price is P495!  
Now the Shanghai Rice is bad! I thought that there would at least be bits of lumpiang shanghai in the rice...but if you take a closer look...there were parts of rice that were totally white! It was like they made a quick run on the frying pan where they cooked the lumpiang shanghai. 
Lesson learned! Not all good deals would give you another good deal next time you go there : ) 
P.S. Warning to those eating at Barrio Fiesta! They would give you small packed towels that would be charged automatically to your bill so make sure not to use it if you are not willing to pay and check your bill. Another thing is that they would choose the cheapest amount of dish in your bill to give discount for senior citizen. I think the discount my mom got was only P20 pesos which they gave for the halo halo we ordered and not the sinigang na hipon. BOO Barrio Fiesta!  

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  1. ur right! na charge din kami with the towels..kala namin its free pero may bayad pala.

  2. I also bought same kind of voucher and sulit naman sya kce masarap yung crispy pata kaso yung rice parang di naman shanghai rice. Buti na lang walang nagoffer samin ng towels.

  3. ulam is more fun in the philippines :D walang katulad |Playgroup Singapore