Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yehey for Yedang Korean Restaurant

My sis invited us for dinner to celebrate the birthday of her hubby and when she mentioned Yedang...I got excited because I have read a lot of good reviews about this restaurant and was even planning to eat there for my birthday if I had a bigger budget..but unfortunately I ended up buying vouchers for a Japanese resto to save up. Since I passed by that place before, we decided to go there ahead of my sis because my kid was sleeping. The guard was really nice to help us get out of the cab to the restaurant even assisting us with an umbrella. There was a small bench near the entrance for guests waiting to be assisted for their seats. I requested for a table for us so we can sit comfortably while waiting. The venue was nice even adding a Christmas tree to give that holiday feeling.

The table has a nice set-up offering chopsticks and spoon (not ordinary looking spoon so there is still that Korean feel to it). They served us water with a hint of pandan which made it taste more refreshing...(the container though looked a little groovy with a pic of a Korean lady emoting..LOL)

Finally my sis and her family arrived so they ordered already and the waiter started serving side dishes/appetizers....which was awesome! They had two sets and there were lots of choices too...of course my fave was KIMCHI! What was great is that you can even ask for a re-fill without being charged extra!
Next served was Japchae which is a noodle does taste good..not too sweet and not too saucy..perfectly cooked
Next was the beef stew...the beef was really tender which my kid loved because he is always too lazy to chew and this dish was easy to eat.

Next was beef and pork strips which were grilled right in front of us...which made it more fun can eat that rolled in sesame leaf or cabbage...i tried them both and prefer the cabbage...or with plain rice and some side dish like kimchi and their salad.

Everything is delicious at Yedang (mapapa-Yehey! ka sa sarap) and now I know why it got good reviews and even celebrities love eating there...spotted were singer Sitti and actor Cesar Montano. The restaurant is easy to find because it is near Metrowalk. For those who are interested in eating at Yedang then here is their menu:

In time for the I wish they would have a discount voucher at Yedang! Hope it would come true soon :)

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  1. very interesting! i will bring my family there this weekend :)

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  3. Looks yummy! I have heard about this restaurant but have not eaten there yet. Thanks for the nice writeup :)

  4. I love Korean food and I agree with you cos this is probably the most authentic Korean restaurant here in the Philippines!

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  6. Super sarap talaga sa Yedang! How I wish I can eat there again but it is far from work now unlike before when I used to work in Ortigas area.

  7. thanks for the menu! i got an idea how much money i need to bring when treating my friends :)

  8. try niyo yung yoogane sa may tomas morato within sa il terrazzo, sarap yung dak galbi nila dun

    1. cge. will try to eat there when i go to il terrazzo. thanks!