Friday, November 16, 2012

F.I.S.H. Is More Than Just A Seafood Restaurant

F.I.S.H. which stands for Fiesta Island Seafood Hub is more than just your typical seafood restaurant because first of all, it does not only serve seafood dishes, but also offers all sorts of Filipino cuisine and even has sashimi and baked oysters. This restaurant is also a perfect place to hold your personal events and company gatherings having KTV rooms and function spaces.
My friend invited me over to F.I.S.H. for dinner because her voucher was about to expire that day. It was my first time to visit that place because the last time I went there it was a different restaurant so I was quite impressed with the changes. F.I.S.H. is located along Visayas Avenue corner Congressional Avenue and it was easy getting there because I live nearby.  
There was a separate area for regular diners which is air-conditioned and have cable TV. I like the interiors because it gives that homegrown feel using native decors.

And of course there are fish decorated all over the restaurant and aquariums at the lobby area.

My friend ordered Kare-Kare which is worth P345 (good for 2 to 3 people) served with bagoong on the side. The Kare-Kare has a nice presentation, but when it comes to taste there is nothing extraordinary about it. The bagoong was a little too sweet for me and I prefer it spicy like the bottled Barrio Fiesta brand.

For dessert, we ordered Leche Flan worth P75 and I think it was good. There were strips of coconut on top which added a uniqueness to its taste. The flan itself is not that rich because some only use the egg yolk in making the flan, but others who want to save up use the whole egg and I think they used the whole egg on this one. Using Muscuvado sugar instead of white sugar would also make leche flans more richer and tastier. In other words, I have tasted better leche flans. 
My overall dining experience was good because the place was pleasant and food were nicely presented. It is a little pricey compared to other known Filipino/Seafood restaurants considering their remote location. I think they should lower the price so that more people would dine in there and just increase it once they have established a name for themselves.
Here is the menu of F.I.S.H. but there's no price so check out other websites for that.

Wait! My story is not yet done because as we were about to leave the restaurant, we saw this nice little shop across the lobby/waiting area called Our Kitchen so we decided to check it out. 
It was a really nice shop filled with all sorts of goodies perfect for Christmas giveaways like bread loaf, cakes, sylvanna balls, cookies, mini cupcakes, meringue etc. There are also coffee beans, bottled sardines, bagoong and more stuff sold in that store. Those who don't have time to cook would surely be delighted with the list of packed meals available in Our Kitchen which can feed up to 4 people. 

I bought the banana walnut loaf worth P115. It was placed in a nice box so you can give it as a gift anytime. The bread was good and price is reasonable. 

We chatted with the cashier and she told us that F.I.S.H. and Our Kitchen are sister companies managed by different chefs. The concept of Our Kitchen is very interesting. Check out the product range of Our Kitchen.

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  1. we celebrated the birthday of my dad there using the KTV room at sulit talaga kce consumable yung rental ng room pero may limit nga lang yung oras.

  2. Try their Beef Caldereta & Sinigang Salmon Belly...... Heaven!