Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ersao Looks Cute But There's Nothing Cute About Its Food

Since me and my friend have eaten at almost all the restaurants in Wilcon City Center (Visayas Avenue), we decided to try something new. Ersao restaurant located on the ground floor has a really cute design and I saw its wide selection of milk teas and shakes so we decided to give it a try. 

They have condiments area placed near the counter, but I was not able to try any of them because my kid does not like spices. I was also lazy to go to the I just settled with the chili sauce and soy sauce.
I ordered Beef Topping which was worth P130. I asked the order taker if their beef was really tender because my kid can't chew that well and she said yes...but I was disappointed because it was not that tender and the taste was also bland...I could make better beef stews than this. 
My friend and I shared the Adobong Tofu (P45), Steamed Dumplings (P50) and Pork Chao Fan (P110). 
If they think that adding chopped spring onions on the fried tofu would make it look special, then they are wrong..because it tasted just like any fried is not even that crunchy. The sauce is a bit spicy and sweet. I would have been happier eating Tokwa't Baboy than this. 
The Steamed Dumplings have a soft filling so I let my kid eat this rather than the beef topping. The sauce was thick and a bit sweet which I did not like so I dipped the dumplings in chili sauce and soy sauce with calamansi. I actually ate only a little of this cos I was forced to finish the beef topping.
The Pork Chao Fan has a huge serving so I think among the three orders, this is surely worth it. It tasted good, but I prefer the rice to be stickier.

Ersao is famous for its milk teas and shakes so it is a MUST to order one. My kid loves Mango Shake (P60) so we ordered that. It was good and even has huge pearls inside. I think you need to pay additional for the pearls..can't remember though cos I did not check my bill. 
If you would ask me if I would dine here again, then I would have to be honest and say "No!". Sorry, but there are some meals that are overpriced and did not taste good at all. I can maybe get a short drink here while waiting, but won't risk dining at Ersao again. Actually my friend had a tummy ache (her sister said it was food poisoning) the next day and she told me that this was her last meal...but she did not complain anymore. The only thing cute about Ersao is its interiors and that won't fool me anymore :)
Here is Ersao's Menu for those who want to still try this place out. 

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  1. yeah! the food there

  2. I do like Ersao's drinks but I have not tried the food there yet. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Dumplings and other short orders are good except the main dish.

  4. well i think ersao's food and drinks are good. :)