Friday, November 30, 2012

Jonas: Pasosyal Na Pares

Answering a "college entry"-like exam as part of a job application was quite draining so I wanted to treat myself to a satisfying meal after that. I met up with my friend at Robinson's Pioneer and checked out the restaurants in that area. When I saw Jonas Pares, I remembered what my niece told me "masarap daw dyan" (with so much excitement in her voice). That was enough to convince me so I gave it a try and see why people are crazy about this restaurant.
It was like a "carinderia"-style resto because you have other choices of dishes laid in front of you. Since Jonas is famous for its pares, then I MUST give that dish a try. 
I was quite shocked when I saw the price of the Beef Pares. Is it really worth P124???
If it was this expensive, then I really hope they are damn good. The meal included rice and soup.
The big bowl was  only half filled up with beef pares and there are not even spring onions sprinkled on it. The meat which included fat and litid parts tasted bland maybe because the sauce was not that thick. Usually when I make Beef Pares, the sauce is thick and I just serve soup stock beside it so the diner have the option if he/she wants to pour that over the pares. I remember that's how Cocoy's Pares House serve their Beef Pares. We used to eat a lot there when I was still a kid...hopefully I can visit that resto again to see if it still tastes like it used to.

The rice was also a disappointment because when I saw the huge bowl, I was like whoa! But, when I saw the content, I ended up saying "sigh". I finished up my meal maybe in less than 15 minutes and did not even feel it hit the bottom of my stomach.  
The drinks are also way too expensive. I ordered Mango Shake and I think it was more than P50. I was hoping to see a tall glass with thick fresh mango shake, but it was served in a small plastic cup and quite watery.
My friend and I were really disappointed spending almost P200 each for a "pasosyal" na pares meal. I know what a good pares is and not going to be carried away by all the hype of Jonas Pares anymore. I would rather sit down in a small carinderia and pay only around P50 for a might actually taste better than this.

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  1. yeah! its quite expensive there for a pares

  2. Da best pa rin ang Cocoys!

  3. I like their pares and can even eat that with extra rice