Sunday, November 18, 2012

Take Two on Bacolod Chicken Inasal

This was my second time to visit Bacolod Chicken Inasal this year because of the voucher I bought online. My first was at the Trinoma branch and the second was at the Quezon City Circle. We went there Friday night because that was the last day of using the voucher. After several stressful day, this was the best day to end a weekday...a relaxing stroll at the park, satisfying dinner and watching the mesmerizing colorful fountain. I live near QC Circle, but I really don't go to that place much...maybe I should start making that as a habit.
Bacolod Chicken Inasal can be seen in this circular strip of restaurants beside Tropical Hut.
The restaurant is spacious and even has a second floor for private dinners and functions. I really hate dining in restaurants where you get bumped all the time by other diners or have a hard time passing by because the tables and seats are close to each other. The festive decors highlight the Philippine culture. 

As usual we ordered our all-time favorite Petso worth P99.50 and garlic rice worth P35.50. The chicken was good and the rice is not just plain rice topped with toasted garlic because the rice itself was cooked in garlic. The size is average because I have seen other chicken inasal bigger than that, but it was enough to keep me satisfied. I was happy that they are complete with condiments (vinegar, soy sauce and the chicken oil). 

We thought we won't get satisfied with our orders so we added Pancit Efuven worth P165. It looked tasty using flat noodles garnished with vegetables and topped with fried scrambled eggs, but it lack flavor. The calamansi was not enough to make this dish more tasty. 
If movie awards have their star of the night, then the star of my meal is the Sago't Gulaman worth P69.50. I think this was one of the best Sago't Gulaman I have tasted in the country. The sweetness was perfect with enough crushed ice and filled with huge sagos. This actually made my meal seem delicious even if the chicken and pancit were mediocre. The Sago't Gulaman made my night!
Even if the food was not that awesome, I had a pleasant dining experience at Bacolod Chicken Inasal because the staff were friendly despite of using a voucher. I had bad experiences using a voucher in restaurants where they overcharge you once you exceed the total amount. They don't have a service charge or additional taxes so I only paid the excess amount and they even let my mom use her senior citizen card on that...very nice people :) I just left them a tip for their good service.
After dinner, my kid and I hanged out at the fountain area...which was a great stress reliever. 

Directions to Quezon City Circle: 
Coming from EDSA, turn right to East Avenue and ride any bus, jeep or FX going to Fairview or Lagro. Go down in front of the City Hall where there is a tunnel walkway heading to the park. 
Coming from Fairview, ride any bus, jeep or FX going to Q. Avenue, East Avenue or Kalayaan Avenue. Go down after the PUV turns right reaching the circle. There is a tunnel walkway heading to the park. 

You will see tourism and history pics of Quezon City exhibited at the walkway. Of course the EPAL ads of Mayor Herbert Bautista would surely catch your attention...tsk, tsk, tsk...does he really have to do that? If he used his own money for that project, then he has every right to do so, but if it came from our taxes, then it would be a real shame to put your face and credentials in that area.

There was a guard stationed in the tunnel walkway plus the place was clean so I felt safe walking down there. It was a far cry from what I remember when I was younger walking the underground walkways in Manila. If you are looking for a cheap place to relax and unwind in Quezon City, then make sure to visit QC Circle. 

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  1. Wow! i haven't been to Circle for decades I think and the changes were great. I will try and visit that place when I get back to the Phil.

  2. Sarap naman ng chicken inasal and gulaman sago..perfect pair!

  3. one of my favorite places...QC Circle and dining at this resto