Friday, June 17, 2011

Eastwood (it was) too good to last!

Do you believe that small miracles happen everyday? ......I DO! 
but there are times that I get so overwhelmed with my problems and focus more on what I don't have to not see the good things that God gave to me.

I was supposed to buy flu shot from my colleague because her dad works for a huge pharmaceutical company but she told me they have allotted flu shot for the employees and their families and she included us in the list...AWESOME!

I had a tight budget then so I was hesitant to go but I would be stupid to let this opportunity pass me by. I thought it was all about the flu shot, but it was also the....FIRST TIME for my kid and mom to get to EASTWOOD!

He was excited posing at the tin pan alley not knowing he would get a flu shot....he cried endlessly until he saw mc donalds

We were supposed to go home already because my mom was tired and worried about my kid getting sick but when I found out it was her first time to get there I showed her the fountain and my kid had fun running around and doing model poses for the cam...oh boy!


While sitting beside the kid spotted on the carousel located at the 3rd floor and dragged me goes my 50 pesos.......

My mom was looking for the comfort room when my kid spotted on TIMEZONE! I am glad he still does not know the difference of real playing and pretending he is playing so I did not spend anything  but he had fun.........

He was having a blast until hisslippers snapped....
OH SNAP! I have to carry him til we get a ride home....

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