Friday, June 10, 2011

Many Firsts on a Saturday

It was the first of many things last Saturday...
It was my kid's first ride in a bus and he totally enjoyed seeing the big tv and having the aircon on top of his head....
It was his first time to hang out at the hotel....
He is everywhere...sitting on the table and chillin on the bed

Staying at the hotel won't be complete without taking a dip in the swimming pool...he had fun while my legs got tired bending to fit in the kiddie pool.....

Doing all of those got me hungry but I don't want to spend much money for food and decided to use the first voucher that I bought online....I paid 250 for 500 worth of food at cheesecake etc. My sister who is addicted to online shopping gave me 2 more vouchers so I chose sandwiches, pasta,rice and cakes so we can try them all....and guess what?

...I was disappointed

Maybe I have tasted better pastas, sandwiches and cakes that's  why I was not satisfied with it. Oh well, I shouldn't complain 'cos I got a good discount.
Can't wait to experience more first times....
Would it be a laid back trip to Jamaica or staying at the awesome underwater hotel in Fiji? 

It surely is nice to dream but whatever first time's gonna happen..make it a good one please :)


  1. This is pretty cool Mic. It's amazing that you are writing again. I love it. Very engaging. Zaki is clearly a wonderful subject inspiration. -Amanda

  2. Thanks for the comment mands! :) zaki is my favorite subject

  3. Ang cute naman ng baby boy mo :)