Saturday, June 25, 2011

Titillating Ads!

Big corporate companies are willing to spend millions of moolah just to produce the right ad that would make their product sell like pancakes. 
What makes the ad effective?
People would end up singing their jingle, wearing their brand, spoofs of the commercial or poster, hearing lines of the commercial from a 3 year old and of course winning awards. 

It takes great minds and creativity to produce such a thing but there are also low-budget ads that catches the attention of was badly done or really titillating....(i called it that because TITILI ka talaga sa tawa or inis pag nakita mo).

Here are some of the ads I spotted on the internet:
I am sure most have seen this on the high-way. I find it really funny because I know how it sucks getting the wrong tattoo
I can't stop laughing seeing this oh so gay ad! 
Soooo fafalicious...... Here is another gay ad and I am sure most know mojo jojo
He must be really pissed seeing his own fake ad...
Now who the hell is this guy or should I say gay dude?
To save the best for last...Jollibee finally showed his true colors! Awww, what a lovely couple

If you know any more funny ads, please add it up :)

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  1. hahahaha! papawash is it! meron din kaya mamawash?