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Unusual Destinations in New York

I actually wrote this blog for my work, but I think they find it too radical or boring (hope not...) to publish it so I decided to show it here. Don't want to waste my effort asking the uncle of my friend who lives in New York about these weird destinations. 

If you are tired of doing the same old stuff like heading on top of the Empire State Building or riding the ferry going to the Statue of Liberty, then here are five unusual destinations worth-checking out in New York:

Vinegar Hill

I know the name sounds sour, but when you see this Brooklyn neighborhood, it would give you the creeps. Seeing the old brownstone buildings and streets that have not yet asphalted reminded me of the famous video game Silent Hill. The residents have to travel to Brooklyn Heights or to MetroTech to use main amenities. So how did this small town get its unusual name? It was given by John Jackson to attract Irish immigrants since Vinegar Hill in Ireland means “hill of the wood of the berries”.  

Village of Lily Dale

Have you ever wished you can still talk to your departed loved ones? All you have to do is visit Lily Dale to be able to do that since this small town is known to have some women who can communicate with the dead. There is even a book written by journalist Christine Wicker that reveals the mysteries of Lily Dale including spiritualism. She had sessions with some of the best psychics, visionaries and mediums in Lily Dale to see if there is any truth in the rumor that they can really talk to the dead.

Untermeyer Park

If you have a weak heart and not ready to enter a Satanists’ lair, then you should avoid visiting the Untermeyer Park or also known as the Devil’s Cave. But if you are adventurous, then this is your chance to witness the place where David Berkowitz hanged out. He was involved in the controversial Son of Sam murders, but now a born again Christian. The satanic activities happening in this place became an urban legend, but there are still areas including the Eagle’s Nest and temple that are tagged with satanic graffiti.

ABC No Rio

If you want to see a different kind of museum, then you have to check out ABC No Rio which is a center for art and activism that features an awesome gallery space, a darkroom, a zine library, silk screening studio and a computer lab. This is the place where you can find numerous radical projects in the city such as hardcore punk shows and the Food Not Bombs collective.


This is the smallest drive-in cinema in the world because it can only fit in one car so basically you won’t be driving at all but still get that 50s outdoor theater feel. Get ready to ride the 1965 blue Ford Falcon convertible and see a movie screen with painted starry skies, artificial grass and a fake tree to make the viewers think that they are really watching outdoors.


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