Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Banapple is Bery Bery Good

I have eaten at Banapple a few years ago and I did not really get a chance to savor it because my kid was still small and a handful. Now that he is already 4, he can be asked to sit still and eat  (but I still fix a spoonful) After attending mass at Santuario de San Jose in Greenhills, my sis and her hubby treated the grannies (including us) dinner in celebration of Grandparent's Day. They chose to eat at Banapple, which is located at the 2nd floor of Northgate Building, Connecticut Street, Greenhills. You can even walk from the church to the restaurant. 
The Banapple branch was quite small that's why we have to wait for our turn to be seated and there were 10 of us. 
Instead of waiting for the people inside to finish eating, we decided to just stay outside so we can finally have dinner because we were sooo hungry. 
I ordered Baked Fish Gratinee with Scalloped Potatoes which is worth P175. This scrumptious dish is served with white rice and buttered kernel corn. The fish was perfectly baked and the potatoes were soft so my kid had an easy time eating this dish. He also love corn so that was like a bonus for him. The cream sauce and mozzarella crumb added zest and flavor on the fish and potatoes. 
Dining at Banapple won't be complete without getting a taste of their specialty dessert the Banoffee Pie. We ordered 3 slices of the pie and just shared it. It costs P85 per slice which is quite affordable. 
My kid loved this dish and end up eating all the bananas smothered with caramel while I settle for the crumb and whipped cream with chocolate shavings. LOL. 
Finally, I was able to appreciate the meal in Banapple and so did my son...who said, that it was "bery bery good!" Banapple is now one of my favorite restaurants because the price is reasonable, the serving is huge and the food is really delicious. I can't wait to go back there and try their other dishes. I was lucky with my choice because my kid and I liked it a lot. 
Here is the Banapple Menu for those who would like to try it and I do highly recommend it. 

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  1. gosh! i want that banoffee pie now!

  2. im drooling over that banoffee pie...arghhh!