Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tiramisu at Nueve Cafe

It was a rainy Thursday night, but I have to meet a good friend at Wilcon City Center along Visayas Avenue for personal reasons. After walking in an ankle-deep flood just outside our subdivision and having dinner, I was lucky to get a free ride from my sister going to Visayas Avenue. My friend was already waiting for me at Nueve Cafe which was located at the ground floor of the mini mall. 
The only customer that night was my friend who was still clad in her corporate office wear so I joked her saying, "how's the restaurant business going?". The restaurant looked elegant so the food there must be quite expensive. 
She was having pasta for dinner and since I already had dinner, I decided to order desert. I checked out their cake and goodies selection tray to find what would fancy my sweet tooth. 
The Tiramisu caught my attention since that  is one of my favorite desserts so I ordered that. It is worth P125 which is same price as most cake slices in restaurants.
I was expecting the Tiramisu to be soft with a bitter sweet taste in it. It should melt in my mouth, but it did not. It was a bit tough like an ordinary cheesecake so that  was  quite a disappointment. But if you are a desert lover like me, then that would be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

After a nice heart-to-heart talk, I t0ld my friend that the Tiramisu was not that good and she told me that I should have ordered their Chocolate Cake. She said it was really good and that was her daughter's favorite. Well she should have suggested that earlier right? LOL. Anyways, as we left the restaurant I saw the sign on top saying Croc Cuisine. Hmmm...that got me quite curious. I would definitely want to go back there and try their crocodile-meat dishes aside from the Chocolate Cake that my friend was bragging to me. 

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  1. I have tried their croc burger and it actually tasted like chicken and the chocolate is moisty :)

  2. croc burger? ewwww! and their desert is croc leather?